Julius Oliver (Democrat)

Running forYoungstown Council 1st Ward - Democrat
ResidenceYoungstown, OH
EducationThree credit hours away from being a senior with a steady in sociology and Youngstown State University.
EmployerKingly Hand Wash & Wax LLC
Family in office?None
Reasons for running There is a need for a strong independent in His or her thinking, no strings attached none club member leadership in Youngstown Ohio. I believe that is what I bring to the table being able to represent the people of Youngstown and their needs the people of Youngstown need to know the truth and be in powered by in order to be able to change their environments and lives here that is what I’ve been doing and will continue to do. I have lived the issues of the city financially personally and from the ground floor up and I know what it takes to create a greater quality of life and Youngstown. I want to show the whole city how by continuing what I’ve been doing on Council on the level of having even greater knowledge this time around. Being a regular none Political guy with the same issues as the rest of the city but also having the freedom of imagination and thought enough to change my environment and situation completely Youngstown needs leader ship that can empower and inspire that is why I am running.
Priorities Jobs continuing to add new checks and balances to our tax abatement process ensuring that the citizens of Youngstown are the direct benefactors. Housing economic development entrepreneurship growth and investment the youth of our city, strengthening the neighborhoods, empowerment and inclusion of the citizens of Youngstown doing away with the old ways that do not work anymore as it pertains to the political parties in the climate of Youngstown. Taking the power out of the hands of those who have Dug Or issues boil down to supporting the people that the elected by the vote inYoungstown into a ditch and putting it into the hands of new fresh leaders who are willing to advance the next generation of leaders and that the next generation of politicians and their self serving agendas. By concentrating on these things the crime rate will be lowered and the economic climate of the city will increase which will intern improve our school systems in the education process as well as restore value to the neighborhoods and get Banks lending to rebuild or renovate our existing housing stuck.
QualificationsI have been the first Ward city councilman for over three years and from what my Constituency tell me I’ve done a great job Representing them their needs and the needs of the city and have also been a voice of the city of Youngstown in times where they needed one the most. I have learned more in this position and know that they have a lot more to learn and I have also ran a successful business for over 10 years.
Positions on the issues As it pertains to Youngstown city schools everyone’s focus should be on the best possible solution for supporting our children’s well-being in education. If something clearly has not worked in the past he must give something new the opportunity to flourish in bloom before we tried to kill it at birth just to go back to where it didn’t work.
Offices Sought On the seat of city Council first ward in 2015
Regional director of the national black caucus of locally elected officials region 4 Ohio Indiana 2017
Offices Held First Ward city councilman Youngstown Ohio 2016 to present. Regional director of the national black caucus of locally elected officials region 4 Ohio Indiana 2017 to Present