Denice Neal-Davis (Democrat)

Running forYoungstown Council 3rd Ward - Democrat
ResidenceYoungstown, OH
EducationGraduated from The Rayen School in 1973 Graduated from Catherine College in 1988 with an associates in secretarial sciences, Chicago IL
FamilyBarbaranne Lorraine Davis, daughter
Derek Wayne Davis, son
Family in office?None
Reasons for runningPassion for public service.
Priorities First and Foremost I will be a full Time Councilman, I firmly believe that people's lives are not based on a 9-5 schedule. I will be at all block club meetings and have a ward meeting at least every other month i.e. within the 3rd ward there are smaller communities, each one has different concerns, the concerns of Briarhill, are not the same as Crandall Park South, which would mean my ear would need to be open to hear all the voices, the entire breath of the 3rd Ward. To launch information in a timely fashion via monthly news letters.

Use Existing vacant buildings for example Hayes Junior High School, Part of the Northside Hospital that is currently closed to attract a trade school for people who don't want to go to college, laid off workers i.e. GM and those businesses directly affected by the closing of GM, Northside hospital workers who were laid off and others, ex offenders who would be able to work in the trade and begin to receive a decent wage. this would be achieved by going to donor's forums, foundations, and writing grants.
Qualifications30 years as a public servant from 1988-1994 assistant to Alderman Helen Shiller.
1994-1996 director of community affairs, Congressman Bobby L Rush, 1st Congressional District, Chicago IL
1996-2011 Chief of staff to Alderman Helen Shiller until she retired in 2011.
Positions on the issues We need attract more businesses so that we can rejuvenate our economic engine. We need to work on code enforcement, the city could make a lot of revenue if code enforcement was taken more seriously, We need to bridge the gap between the community and the Youngstown Police department. We need to be more aggressive on our infostructure and more vigilante on abandon buildings.
Offices Sought Ran for Aldermanic seat for the 46th ward in Chicago, IL, February 2015
Offices Held 0