Darian Rushton (Democrat)

Running forYoungstown Council 3rd Ward - Democrat
ResidenceYoungstown, OH
Education1997 Graduate: The Rayen High... 1997 Graduate: Army Basic Training 1998 Garduate: Army Advanced Individual Training For Patriot Missile Specialist 2003 Top Gun Graduate: YSU Police Academy 2006 Graduate: YSU Bachelor's Degree Health and Human Services/Criminal Justice
EmployerDept. Of Veteran Affairs
FamilyI am no longer married but I raise six sons. Stepson Nathan Kelley 28, Savoy Rushton 20, Jaylin Rushton 18, adopted nephew Javion Shelley 18, Zion Rushton 16, and Zaire Rushton 12. I am very proud of me boys as they are either or all working, in school doing great, and enjoying playing sports.
Reasons for runningI'm running based of the love and passion I have for the 3rd Ward. I'm also running off the discuss we have for the direction of the ecomenimic state of this community. For years we have been being stripped of any hope of employment in the area we live in. We can not stand for this anymore. I do work and live within the 3rd Ward. My son, Zion Rushton, has to go to East for High School. This is not how Youngstown should be. To get decent food I have to go out of town. I'm running because these are the issues that need to be addressed but have not been addressed in years.
Priorities We need active youth centers. Not only in the 3rd Ward, but on every side of town. We need places to eat, shop, and work within our ward. We have to come together as a ward in order to get everything we need done. We need to rebuild strong homes on some of these empty lots. We need to be able to earn and spend our money within the city of Youngstown. These are some of our major priorities. This is not a me position. But a priority of mine would be to educate our community on ways we can work together to better our way of living. On top of block watch meetings I want ward watch meetings held at the community centers. Everyone in the ward will be invited. We need food banks. We need play grounds. We need an adult resource offices manned by people who live within the ward. All of these things and more are our priorities.
QualificationsMy formal education and life experience qualify me for this position. I'm very proud to be a graduate from Youngstown State University. My life experience had me to live in work in many different environments. Living and working in environments with people I agree and disagree with has given me the ability to focus on the task that needs to be completed no mater who is put on the team I'm working with. Also I've given my personal time to many organizations within the 3rd Ward to include The Northside Knights, The Elks, and The Youngstown Striders who practice at YSU. These community organizations helped me to grow as I child into the men I am today. So as an adult I returned to all of them to give my time. In returning to them I have heard our community. In this local election I'm a part of our the community.