Catherine Miller (Democrat)

Running forStruthers Mayor - Democrat
ResidenceStruthers, OH
EducationStruthers High School Class of 2001 Bachelor’s in Psychology, Capital University 2005 Bachelor’s in Art Therapy, Capital University 2005
EmployerThe City of Struthers- Secretary to the Prosecutor/Law Director, John N. Zomoida, Jr.
FamilyHusband, Bradley D. Miller Sr.
Son, Bradley D. Miller Jr.
Son, Anthony D. Miller
Reasons for runningIt is time for a change! It is in my blood to want to make changes for the better. I am a Struthers girl through and through and I know what it takes to make this city thrive. My husband and I want to raise our sons in the city that I’m proud to call home. I hope one day they too see its beauty and choose to carry on our family legacy in the City of Struthers. I want it to be a better city for them.

I know the schools, the businesses, the city government, the houses, the parks, the streets and most importantly, the people. I know names, I know the families and I know their stories.

The potential Struthers has to be a powerhouse in this county is unmatched!
Priorities There are four main areas I would focus on immediately if I am elected Mayor.

1.The housing blight and code enforcement

2. I would especially focus on our businessess by taking care of the ones we have, and bringing in new ones. By making our city more appealing to new businesses, the city itself can thrive and prosper. I see businesses, small and large with a great deal of new opportunities and jobs for our residents.

3. Focusing on building a better relationship with our schools because our children are the real back bone and future of our cities.

4. I also believe that we need to further our grasp into county and even state and federal monies that are available through grants. Our neighboring communities and our county have so many programs and projects that we could be a part of that we are not at this time. In the future, I would love to partner with nearby cities and municipalities in hopes of bringing progression to not only Struthers, but to all of Mahoning County.

I have both immediate plans and future plans for the Mahoning River area as well as CASTLO, downtown Struthers and the Nebo and Northside areas. I will force PROGRESS!

QualificationsWorking in the Prosecutor’s office for almost 5 years, I have worked successfully with 6 different police departments and the jurisdictions of not only Struthers, but Poland Township, Poland Village, Springfield, New Middletown and Lowellville. On a daily basis, I am and have been involved in decisions and daily activities of the Police Department, the Fire Department, The Wastewater Treatment Plant, the Auditor’s Office, the Tax Office and the Street Department as well as all of the Municipal Court proceedings. I especially deal with the Clerk of Council and council members consistently as well. Being there day-in and day-out I also see all of the crime that takes place within the city and especially the housing code violations. I deal with city members and employees constantly through the Law Director/Prosecutor’s office. I have great working relationships with all of the different departments within the city.

I also see my 5+ years of grant writing for a non- profit agency as perfect experience for this job. I have dealt with Federal, State and Local grants and large donors in the past. I recently wrote a grant for the Struthers Municipal Court and received $30,000 from the Supreme Court of Ohio for two stand up metal detectors and an x-ray machine as well as a grant for our CVS medicinal drop-off box located in City Hall all with no cost to the city.

Organizations include:
The Struthers School Foundation Board of Directors 2015-Present
Struthers Rotary Community Corps President 2013- Present
The Hope Foundation Mahoning Valley Chair of the Board of Directors 2014-Present
Taste of Struthers Lead Organizer 2014-Present
Struthers Middle School At-Risk Girls Group
Struthers Girls Basketball Coach 2009-2013
Walnut Grove Fundraiser Volunteer
Struthers Shop-With-A-Cop
Struthers Clean Up Day
The Struthers Community Food Drive
Bonnie Beachy Legacy Scholarship Committee member