Benjamin Kyle (Democrat)

Running forHubbard Mayor - Democrat
ResidenceHubbard, OH
EducationHubbard High School , Graduate, 2000 Bachelor of Science Degree in Business Administration, Youngstown State University, 2004 Pittsburgh Institute of Mortuary Science, Diploma Program, 2006 Masters of Business Administration Program, Youngstown State University
EmployerBusiness and Professional Career:

Stewart-Kyle Funeral Home, 1998 - present
Stewart-Kyle Funeral Home, Vice-president , 2009 - present

Kyle Monuments, Owner, 2008 - present

Ohio Funeral Directors Association, Northeast Regional Director, 2010 - 2015
As such, he represented hundreds of funeral homes as their liaison to the association
The position allowed him to serve on the executive board where he took direct action working with state legislators to protect the interests of the consumer as well as the funeral profession

Ohio Mortuary Operational Response Team (OMORT) Member, 2008 - present
​OMORT is our state’s response team to any mass fatality
OMORT Assistant IT Director, 2008 - present​
FamilyWife: Sable
Son: Greyson, 4
Daughter: Sophia 2
Family in office?N/A
Reasons for runningI have always viewed public service as a trust, a gift, and it is an honor to serve. Public service is an important part of my life and I want my children to understand how important it is to be a part of something that’s bigger than just yourself. That it’s important to be a part of positive change. One of the many reasons I am running for Mayor of Hubbard is to set that example for my children and the next generation of leaders in our community.

I believe that the City of Hubbard is at a turning point, the results of this mayoral election will be a strong factor in the future of our city. There are numerous opportunities for the City of Hubbard that can be achieved with the right planning but most importantly with the right leadership. I know that I am the leader that can identify what those opportunities are and bring them to a realization for the citizens of Hubbard.
Priorities 1. FAMILIES
Improving Quality of Life
- Improvement to Hubbard's main city services through project exploration.
- Continually investing in and looking for new opportunities to enhance city services that affect our city's families.
- Neighborhood stabilization efforts

Enhancing Community Safety
- Continually support our terrific Police and Fire Departments in order to maintain our high standards and successfully protect the citizens of Hubbard.
- Work with our Police and Fire Departments to continually improve and look for ways to integrate new technologies and training techniques.

Promote Economic Development
- Businesses will have the opportunity to not only succeed but to thrive with the necessary support.
- Forming strategic partnerships and alliances will help to encourage more businesses to open in the City of Hubbard.

Expand Upon City Infrastructure Projects
- Investment in roads and all utilities programs.
- Utilize existing relationships with State and County leaders to secure available grants and funding in order to complete large scale projects.  

In-School Safety 
- Safety in our schools is not negotiable, which is why I proposed legislation to fund the first ever School Resource Officer in Hubbard's history.
- Continual prioritization of in-school safety measures.

Investment in our School and Its' Students
- School systems are the backbone of every community. When a school is successful, the community thrives. 
- Working with school administrators to ensure our children are prepared for success in higher education and the workforce. 
QualificationsI have been involved in City Government since 2013 and I have helped to facilitate a large degree of positive change in the city. I helped in creating the school resource officer position at Hubbard Schools. Since I took over as Chairman of the Finance Committee as a City Councilman at Large, we have been able to do more with less. We have increased our investment in public works programs and day to day operations within the city providing for its citizens. While at the same time, we have received less money through local government funds and reduced revenues from income taxes.

My family has been apart of the Hubbard community for over 70 years, I am the fourth generation in my family to carry on our tradition of serving the public. As a businessman I have been involved in our community for over 15 years and have a long term stake in this community and want to see us prosper for generations to come. As a community leader I have been involved in numerous charity organizations working to help the community, such as The Hubbard Community Fund, Rotary Club of Hubbard and Hubbard Public Library Levy Committee. 

A solid public education system is of the utmost importance to any prospering community. Which is why I’ve been an active member of the Hubbard School Levy Committee, serving as the Chairman of Community Outreach. In this position I was on the ground talking to the residents regarding relevant issues for the school and the city.

These qualities give me the background and depth of knowledge needed not only to run the city effectively but to ensure that our citizens have the best possible quality of life and opportunities for economic prosperity. 

I am passionate about the bright future of Hubbard. For Hubbard to move into its next phase of prosperity we need a strong leader and I'm the best candidate to provide the needed leadership, experience and dedication.

Political Experience:
First Ward Councilman, City of Hubbard, 2013 - 2016
Parks & Recreation Board
Chairman of the Finance Committee
City Councilman at large​, 2017 - present
Chairman of the Finance Committee
Economic Development Committee
Planning & Zoning Committee
President, Trumbull County Young Democrats, 2016 -2018
Membership Secretary, Ohio Young Democrats, 2015 - 2017

Community-Based Public Service:
Hubbard Community Fund, Vice President and Chairman of Finance
Hubbard School Levy Committee, Community Outreach Director
Rotary Club of Hubbard
Hubbard Public Library Levy Committee
Senior Service Advisory Council, Chairman of the Board (overseeing the Funds from the Trumbull County Senior Levy)
Eastgate Regional Council of Governments, Citizens Advisory Board
Trumbull County Budget Review Committee
Youngstown-Warren Regional Chamber
Youngstown Air Reserve Base Community Council
YSU Alumni Association Board of Directors
Niles Men’s Democrat Club
Community Foundation of the Mahoning Valley: Young Philanthropist Fund
Mahoning Valley Young Professionals
Boy Scouts of America: Friends of Scouting

Business and Professional Career: 
Stewart-Kyle Funeral Home,  1998 - present
Stewart-Kyle Funeral Home, Vice-president ,  2009 - present
Kyle Monuments, Owner, 2008 - present
Ohio Funeral Directors Association, Northeast Regional Director, 2010 - 2015
As such, he represented hundreds of funeral homes as their liaison to the association
The position allowed him to serve on the executive board where he took direct action working with state legislators to protect the interests of the consumer as well as the funeral profession
Ohio Mortuary Operational Response Team (OMORT) Member, 2008 - present 
​OMORT is our state’s response team to any mass fatality
OMORT Assistant IT Director, 2008 - present​

Positions on the issues Our number one problem that we are facing would be the loss of jobs over the past 5 – 10 years; as with all communities this has been a major issue.  I have a plan to work with the Regional Chamber, Eastgate Regional Council of Governments and other local entities to promote our community to begin the process of filling the empty manufacturing buildings here in Hubbard.  One of my first major projects will be to put together a blended funding package to build a second water tower to service our residents, businesses and safety forces. We currently have a single main transmission line that feeds an aging tank which is a cause for concern. There is always a chance of a catastrophic event or, once our business sector has been replaced, a significant demand upon our water system.  Creating a funding package will alleviate the burden from our operating budget. This package can be put together by applying for assistance through the Ohio Public Works Commission, Ohio EPA and several other possible grants depending on the requirements. This project will jumpstart the investment in our infrastructure and show businesses that we have the ability and infrastructure in place to promote ourselves and remind everyone that we are open for business.  

Neighborhood stabilization is something that I am passionate about because for decades Hubbard was viewed as a desirable place to live due to its small-town charm but with increased job loss we have experienced a slight but noticeable downturn within our neighborhoods. I have a plan to work with Trumbull Neighborhood Partnership, our local civic leaders, and our City Transformation Team (CTT, our Police Chaplin’s) to help clean up abandoned houses, increase code enforcement and get our residents the assistance that they need to improve their quality of life and put the pride back into our neighborhoods.  We will apply for the funds through The Community Development Block Grant Program and continue using our established Community Housing Improvement Program that we share with Niles and Girard.

I have a vision for our community that includes improvement of quality of life issues, including improving our already reliable utilities and city services.  Along with that making sure that our police and fire departments are adequately funded to make sure that the entire population is safe. As far as development, I want to focus on both infrastructure and economic development.  We need to be able to stay ahead of the curve and ensure that our infrastructure can handle the demands of our residents and also the demands that the expanding business community would place on it. The city of Hubbard has the perfect opportunity to encourage business growth with our great location and transportation structure already in place.  Our residents have a great work ethic in place and are eager for new job opportunities. For these reasons Hubbard would be a desirable place for potential new businesses’ that want to relocate / expand here in the Valley. The backbone to any community is a successful public school system. As Mayor I will ensure that we fully support our school in all aspects, just like I did as a Councilman in proposing legislation that ultimately lead to Hubbard School’s first student resource officer, which occurred in 2018.  Under my leadership as Mayor our city will prosper as well follow my 3, 5, and 10 year plans that I quickly will institute.
Offices Sought State Representative, 63rd District, 2016 Primary Election
Offices Held First Ward Councilman, City of Hubbard, 2013 - 2016

Councilman at large, City of Hubbard, 2017 - present