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Monday, May 20, 2019




Norman R. Miller, 22, of Middlefield, and Rhoda R. Detweiler, 21, of same.

Kristen M. Williams, 25, of Vienna, and Tony B. Hipkins, 27, of same.

Richard A. Bailik, 35, of Mineral Ridge, and Kayley C. Frost, 30, of same.

Garry D. Baylies, 48, of Mineral Ridge, and Evelyn J. Bortmas, 48, of same.

Angela M. DeJacimo, 38, of Warren, and John R. Shelley Jr., 39, of same.

Mark T. Manes, 22, of Warren, and Meghan L. Kohl, 20, of same.

Paige N. Barr, 24, of Cortland, and Todd J. Brzezinski, 41, of Cortland.

Auburne L. Wolford, 21, of Vienna, and Corey M. McConaughey, 23, of Southington.

Dwayne A.S. Lengacher, 21, of Jamestown, Pa., and Melissa A. Schlabach, 21, of same.

Erika M. Saadeh, 32, of Brookfield, and Richard J. Sereday, 32, of same.

Hope R. Zolovick, 26, of Vienna, and Wayne R. Gore Jr., 31, of same.

Zachary J. Saum, 28, of Cortland, and Brittany L. Hanahan, 27, of same.

Sara N. Grimmett, 27, of Warren, and Tessia D. Givens, 24, of same.

James J. Scaggs Jr., 42, of Warren, and Renee L. Booth, 24, of same.

Keylin D. Shaw, 33, of Youngstown, and India A. Carter, 26, of Niles.

Kody R. Shultz, 25, of West Farmington, and Barbara J. Detweiler, 26, of same.

Aja L. Zanoni, 29, of Sharpsville, Pa., and Michael A. Lang Jr., 36, of same.

Paula L. App, 46, of Newton Falls, and Brian C. Bater, 52, of same.

Kevin A. Kubacko, 44, of Hubbard, and Stephanie A. Tice, 43, of same.

Toni M. Martineau, 24, of Warren, and Shawn R. Mizner, 35, of same.

Thomas M. Simpson II, 25, of Warren, and Daizi Mae Jones, 22, of same.

Mazie L. Zajac, 25, of West Farmington, and Kyle J. Silbaugh, 26, of same.

Michael A. Stassinis, 22, of Southington, and Miranda M. Miracle, 21, of same.

Michelle C. Cardiero, 26, of Warren, and Cory K. Lanterman, 28, of same.

Kami R. Rodgers, 27, of Hermitage, Pa., and Dean M. Toth, 32, address confidential.

Julia C. Clemente, 23, of Hubbard, and James B. Verlotte, 26, of Bessemer, Pa.


Sam Lamancusa v. John J. Kieffer et al, tax foreclosure.

Sam Lamancusa v. Reuben M. Troyer et al, foreclosure.

Sam Lamancusa v. Ethel F. Parker et al, foreclosure.

Ocwen Loan Servicing LLC v. Christopher J. Burke et al, foreclosure.

Bank of New York Mellon v. Alice M. Kliner et al, foreclosure.

Ditech Financial LLC v. L. Eric Chipps et al, foreclosure.

Sam Lamancusa v. William Brown et al, foreclosure.

Deutsche Bank National Trust Co. v. Lori A. Williams et al, foreclosure.

Security Credit Union v. Anthony J. Vavpetic Jr., other civil.

Pekin Insurance Co. v. Katheryn Weaver Minor et al, other civil.

Cavalry SPV I LLC v. Betty J. Swank, other civil.

Prestige Financial Services Inc. v. Kyle Hinkle et al, other civil.

Portfolio Recovery Associates LLC v. Heith Kistler, other civil.

Portfolio Recovery Associates LLC v. Jaspar L. Johnson, other civil.

Citibank NA v. William H. Johannsmeier, other civil.

Portfolio Recovery Associates LLC v. Gregory L. Hoffmann, other civil.

Albert Guarnieri & Co. Inc. v. Firas Aljundi, other civil.

Portfolio Recovery Associates LLC v. Kylie Rizzo, other civil.

Disposition of Evidence v. Trumbull County Sheriff’s Office, other civil.

Cafaro Northwest Partnership v. Regis Corp. et al, other civil.

Huntington Mall Co. et al v. Fariz Tagiyev, other civil.

Robert Malys et al v. Baugher Construction LLC et al, other civil.

Deutsche Bank National Trust Co. v. Elysa R. Jackson, other civil.

Portfolio Recovery Associates LLC v. Dawn Allison, other civil.

Debbi R. Vizi v. Paul S. Chilton, other civil.

Portfolio Recovery Associates LLC v. Breonna Townes, other civil.

James M. Kleese v. Kleese Development Associates et al, other civil.

Jeffrey L. Smith et al v. Xavier Hubbard, other torts.

Joseph S. Sanson et al v. Lauren G. Petrilla et al, other torts.

Marquis Gantz et al v. Dr. Amine R. Abdul Aal et al, other torts.

Donald McMurdy v. Wolfgang Wildman, other torts.

Lynn A. Kana v. Trumbull Correctional Institution Department of Rehabilitation & Correction et al, workers’ compensation.

Vanessa I. Haynes v. Trumbull Community Action Program et al, workers’ compensation.

Andrew J. Fogler v. Jason Van Niel et al, workers’ compensation.

Christopher Vitello v. Youngstown Country Club et al, workers’ compensation.

Cotez E. Boston v. Callos Resource LLC et al, workers’ compensation.

Department of Taxation v. Centerfield Automotive & Body Shop, money.

Department of Taxation v. Edan Farms Inc., money.

Department of Taxation v. Elm Auto Service LLC, money.

Department of Taxation v. Gorider Auto Sales LLC, money.

Department of Taxation v. Mark B. Isler, money.

Department of Taxation v. Brooke R. Peterson, money.

Department of Taxation v. Bentley Properties Inc., money.

Department of Taxation v. PSRLD LLC, money.

Department of Taxation v. Donald E. Walters, money.

Second Round LP v. Sarah Poser, money.

First National Bank of Omaha v. Karen L. Hirsch, money.

Ryan Wilhelm v. Laurie Wilhelm, money.

Discover Bank v. James V. Hill II, money.

Discover Bank v. Charlene L. Gould, money.

Discover Bank v. Brian Polkow, money.


Sharon Padgett v. Roy Padgett.

Patrick W. Lamoreaux v. Amanda R. Lamoreaux.

Victoria L. Dangerfield v. Brad E. Dangerfield.

Kyra D. Wicker v. DeAngelo P. Wicker.

Jenny Kolesar Burke v. Steven N. Burke.

Donna J. Balentine v. James A. Balentine.

Kimberly M. Elser v. Robert E. Elser Jr.


Jeffrey Grossen Sr. and Carrie K. Grossen.

Brian W. Cotton and Brandy L. Cotton.

Shawn C. George and Loraine E. George.

Brent G. Lutman and Amber N. Lutman.

Jill R. Deutsch and Timothy T. Deutsch.

Wendy R. Burchett and Larry D. Burchett.

Susan B. Campbell and Clyde S. Campbell.

Theressa R. Nieman and Justin L. Nieman.

Stacie Nagel and Robert Nagel.

Melissa Campana and Albert Campana.

Jenny Flickinger and Jeffrey B. Childress.