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July 16

Friday, July 26, 2019

July 16

Drugs: A traffic stop near Industrial and South Meridian roads resulted in a summons charging Chaquita L. Bush, 35, with drug abuse. Bush, of Ferndale Avenue, Youngstown, had a suspected marijuana cigarette, as well as a bag with about 30 grams of suspected marijuana she admitted was hers, a report indicated.

Drugs: Lanaiya D. Garcia, 18, of South Heights Avenue, Youngstown was charged with drug abuse (cocaine) and possessing drug paraphernalia after authorities had pulled her over in the 200 block of North Meridian Road. Garcia had a container with a bag of suspected crack cocaine, along with a digital scale, police alleged.

July 17

Drugs/trespassing: Officers charged Amber L. Kelm of Arlington Boulevard, Newton Falls, with criminal trespassing, resisting arrest and drug abuse after alleging Kelm, 31, refused several times to leave Ice House Inn, 5516 W. Webb Road, after having been terminated from the business, then pulled from officers. Kelm also had in her vehicle a cigarette pack with a bag of three oxycodone pills for which she had no valid prescription, a report showed.

Theft by deception: A scam was reported in the 100 block of Country Green Drive, though no further details were in the report.

Criminal damaging: A rock was evidently used to break a vehicle’s windshield in the 3700 block of Oakwood Avenue.

Trespassing: Lamarr D. Greene, 25, of Redondo Road, Youngstown, faced a criminal-trespassing charge when, police said, he was in an apartment in the 1000 block of Compass West Drive after having been warned in June to stay off the property.

July 18

Arrest: Kent authorities handed Johnathan P. Perry, 27, to Austintown police. The Mogadore man was wanted on three outstanding Austintown Area Court warrants charging two counts of violating a protection order and one of failing to appear on a telephone-harassment charge.

Possible overdose: Police were called to the 4800 block of Westchester Drive after a man and a woman had apparently suffered a drug overdose.

Theft: A man and a woman reportedly fled in a brown Nissan sport utility vehicle after having stolen meat products from Rulli Bros., 4331 Kirk Road.

Theft: Christopher S. Anderson, 18, of Bainbridge Avenue, Youngstown, was charged with stealing a notebook, a USB cable, an ink pen, fireworks and other items from Dollar General, 2002 S. Raccoon Road.

July 19

Burglary: Guns were taken from a building someone had broken into in the 4300 block of Mahoning Avenue.

Criminal damaging: A vehicle at a business in the 1800 block of Paisley Street was found with a broken rear window.

Possible child endangerment: Authorities received information that a child had been injured in a possible child-abuse situation in the 4700 block of Norquest Boulevard.

Drugs: Police in the 4200 block of New Road pulled over then charged Kenneth K. Cochrane of South Meridian Road, Austintown, with drug abuse (cocaine) after alleging Cochrane, 42, had a bag of suspected crack cocaine in his sock.

Theft: Someone tried to use an Ohltown Road resident’s stolen credit card.

Theft by deception: A Cannon Road woman told police of having been scammed of $200.

July 20

Burglary: To a residence in the 1000 block of Collins Street, from which a bicycle was taken.

Possible theft: A purse and an iPhone were reported lost or stolen at Walmart, 6001 Mahoning Ave.

Burglary: Someone reportedly entered a room at Westgate Motel, 4493 Mahoning Ave., and removed $1,540 in cash.

Drugs: Police on Mahoning Avenue pulled over and wrote a summons charging Nautica D.S. Rivers, 23, of Rosewood Avenue, Youngstown, with having a digital scale with suspected marijuana residue. Also, officers took Pre’Seana Rushton, 22, of Rosemont Avenue, Austintown, into custody on a Youngstown Municipal Court warrant.

July 21

Counterfeit: While assisting with a checkpoint in Boardman checking for drivers operating a vehicle impaired checkpoint, police charged Trevoris C. Washington, 23, of Irmo, S.C., with possessing counterfeit currency, a felony, when, they alleged, he had in a bag 20 fake $100 bills. In addition, they cited John C. Cardenas, 28, of Sacramento, Calif., on a charge of having a suspected marijuana cigarette.

Fraud: A Dehoff Driver resident reported unauthorized credit-card charges.

Domestic violence: Courtney L. Combine, 33, of Bryant Drive, Austintown, was charged with the crime after the father of one of her children alleged that during an ongoing argument, Combine grabbed a pair of sunglasses off his head, then scratched the accuser behind his ear and on his neck with her fingernails. She also broke and threw the sunglasses at him, the victim further alleged.