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Vindicator editorials, letters will be missed

Sunday, July 21, 2019

Vindicator editorials, letters will be missed

How will we decide whether or not to replace President Donald Trump without the assistance of the preeminent newspaper in the Mahoning Valley? We will stumble toward November 2020 without the benefit of letters and opinion columns shared within The Vindicator.

Will we choose someone other than Trump? The choices are wide right now, although no matter who runs, Trump will call that person a socialist. But that’s wrong: in today’s world, the Democratic Party represents average working people and their families.

Jobs are important to Democrats. Trump promised jobs, but the Brookings Institute tells us that 72 percent of job growth is limited to 25 metropolises with populations exceeding a million people. In this Valley, jobs mostly occur in dollar stores and payday lending places. GM jobs and those in other companies have been lost.

Education benefits our children and protects our housing values, but Republican governors have cut tax support of the local schools and tucked the money into a “rainy day fund.” Hey, governor – it’s raining here! Two of the largest local school districts are in varying stages of emergency.

Health care does not necessarily have to be free – but can we at least lessen the costs of insurance and medications? CEOs of those companies earn many millions per year while we consumers struggle.

We also support climate change, women’s reproductive and equal-pay rights, and the dignified support of those down on their luck. The Republicans favor tax cuts for the wealthy and believe that if people can’t afford simple things like library books then too bad.

Democrats believe that all people are created equal and guard the rights of the working class, and they fight for our general health and welfare. Let’s move toward those goals with kindness and certainty in 2020.

Linda Cocuzzi Richter, Niles

News on electronic devices has hurt The Vindicator

I am very disappointed that after 150 years in business The Vindicator is having to close down. I will miss getting the news by reading it rather than listening to the television channels that don’t always report accurately.

I looked forward after reading the paper to working the crossword puzzle, Sudoku and word scramble. I know that these can be played on the internet but again I would rather work them in the paper.

We are losing all the past ways of receiving the news and I would believe that the Democrats blame our president, Donald Trump, for the paper having to shut down.

In fact, it is due to the population in Youngstown and surrounding areas for not subscribing to The Vindicator because they can read it on their electronic devices. Another reason I would think is because the local businesses are advertising on their own and, interestingly, they are often delivered with The Vindicator.

Our schools are not educating the students in the way we were and that way was not too bad. Now in addition our students will not have the opportunity of reading the paper to learn what is going on in the world around them. How many ways will the young people of today lose the sources for gaining knowledge?

Going along with this is the lack of schools giving the students all their options for choosing a career. What is wrong with our young people having the choice of college or trade schools? As we know, the trained people in the trades are in very short supply. Who is going to repair our plumbing, electrical, construction needs along with several other trades?

To all the staff of The Vindicator, including those who deliver the papers, thank you for your years of service and providing us with the news every day.

Nancy Epstein, Boardman

Let Vindicator continue as nonprofit foundation

As a paperboy for The Vindicator in the mid-1970s, I want to applaud and also thank the Maag-Brown family: William F. Maag. Sr., William F. Maag Jr., William J. Brown, Betty H. Brown Jagnow; and Mark A. Brown, owners of The Vindicator; as well as all the great staff and employees who have worked at The Vindicator over these 150 years since June 1869. They have been truly serving the people of Youngstown and the Mahoning Valley as “The People’s Paper.”

The Vindicator newspaper and stand as a family legacy newspaper and website of the Maag-Brown family; as the newspaper and website of historical records and “The People’s Paper.”

I hope that the Maag-Brown family, owners of The Vindicator, will allow for The Vindicator and to continue to serve Youngstown and the Mahoning Valley as a daily, non-profit foundation newspaper and website operated by, managed by, gifted by our great area foundations, university and students.

The Vindicator and should be endowed as a non-profit foundation – daily newspaper and website gifted to: The city of Youngstown, Mahoning County, YSU School of Journalism, EGCC communications students, the Youngstown Foundation, the Youngstown City School District, the Catholic Diocese of Youngstown, the Wean Foundation, and other notable area foundations to continue to operate and serve a daily Vindicator newspaper and website long after Saturday, Aug. 31, 2019.

I think the best way to go is to have The Vindicator become a foundational nonprofit developed by and managed by nonprofit foundations, Youngstown State University’s journalism program and Eastern Gateway Community College communications students.

I believe a foundational newspaper and website will continue the great history legacy and name of the Maag-Brown family owned newspaper and website into the future as truly “The People’s Paper” of Youngstown and Mahoning Valley.

Willie James Richards, Youngstown

Shame on Boardman leaders for flood inaction

My sympathy goes out to all the residents in Boardman Township who are going through the saga of all the flooding. The elected leadership in Boardman, past and present, has failed the people who decided to call Boardman home.

The current situation in Boardman is nothing new. How can the “current leaders” even insinuate to the populace that they are looking into how to address and improve the system as it stands?

Let’s look back. Boardman in either late August or early September 2001 had an incident mirroring the deluge received in the last several weeks. I recall the Boardman Plaza looking then, just as it did in the recent storms.

What was done then? Not a thing. Only lip service to the residents. But, every time there was an opportunity to “grow,” get financial gain from new business, the leaders never hesitated to say yes – build it, pave it, etc. And they were so irresponsible in not demanding of themselves that they address the flooding problem before going forward.

Just recently the old fire station was approved for a new gas/convenience store business. Questions were asked about adding more issues to the already drowning community.

Know the answer they received (from the leaders)? “Oh, it will be okay because they will be in compliance with the current regulations.” Yeah! That was one opportunity to at least, vaguely, show concern for the problems.

But, no, bring the business, bring the money, and the residents be damned. Boardman has not had responsible leadership in 25 years.

Shame on them all, all the way back. The last place I would look to relocate to would be Boardman Township.

Walt Bradley, McDonald