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Just a few reasons why we love nature

Saturday, August 17, 2019


OSU master gardener volunteer


I believe that each person has a very personal relationship with nature. I think the reasons we love nature is hard to put into words. That is part of the absolute awe that I feel.

So many positive adjectives come to mind. When I think about nature, I have no negative feelings. Sure, nature can seem very cruel, but nature always teaches us something if we just take the time to absorb the lesson.

Being in nature lets you be you. Nature teaches there is nothing wrong with you. There are no judgments, no mirrors, no political correctness, no fear of saying the wrong thing, no hateful racism, sexism, or any other negative “ism.”

There is no belittling each other, no struggle to out do each other, no jealousy. Being in nature makes me feel that I am OK. Nature helps connect me to a powerful, loving presence. It makes me feel cared about and supported. It helps me clear my mind and think more clearly. Nature heals and gives meaning to life.

Being with nature calms me, slows me down, it also energizes me, makes me think, makes me thankful. Nature lets me abandon the clock. A lot of stress is created by being a slave to the clock.

I believe our natural rhythms are disturbed by our busy lifestyle, but nature models a healthier pace. Think about it. Things grow slowly. You never see a cow gorging on food; they eat slowly. Yes, some animals run around, but it is with purpose.

Nature teaches me that I do not need as much stuff – make more money, etc.

Everything seems to be in harmony and balance when I am with nature. Nature calls me back to reality. It makes me realize that I am not in control, that things happen, accept it and move on. Nature lets my imagination run freely.

Nature is free emotional and physical therapy. Being in nature is important me time. It reduces fear, the what-ifs, anger and stress. It increases pleasant feelings, it makes me happy, and things are ever changing in nature.

Nature makes me feel like I can help. I can conserve. I can be a steward of the land, and I can promote sustainability. Nature teaches respect, provides bright colors and teaches us about life. Learning more about nature makes me feel good when I share learned information with others.

I believe we protect what we love. I believe we all have a responsibility to teach others about nature. That should be every human’s legacy.

Take time to enjoy nature, in your backyard or at our beautiful parks. Science tells us that it does a mind and body good.

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