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Letters to the editor: May 13, 2018

Sunday, May 13, 2018

Shower all mothers with love this holiday

For the years I was blessed to have my mother, I continue to believe when God was passing out blessings when He came to me, He lost count and loaded me with so much more.

It’s been said, “Mothers are the salt of the earth with a loving sweetness with that of a newborn baby smile.” They are the world’s foundation and

humanity’s best.

Their duties are so many they feel related to the “energy robot.”

Mothers give the hugs and kisses, are their children’s cheerleaders. They wipe and kiss away the tears, and when they discipline their children with a “time out,” they treat themselves to one.

Mothers are amazing. Love them, cherish them, and thank God for creating them.

Mary Lou Jurina, Youngstown

Good deed goes noticed

A big thank you to the young man at the Save-a- Lot grocery store in Boardman who purchased gift cards and then gave them back to the cashier and told her to use them for everyone in line until the cards were gone.

His action restores my faith that there are decent people out there.

John Potts, Boardman

Here’s a road map for Liberty schools’ success

I don’t feel the Liberty

school system is taking the best action to solve its

declining enrollment problem. Forcing students to attend would cause more problems. Their only prejudice may be the school system itself.

Liberty has failed to compete with the Girard school system academically. A better approach would be to create an environment that potential students could not find elsewhere.

Students should be primarily focused on obtaining the best education available. Personally, I would set up a system of three grade periods of 15 weeks long. Separating each grade period would be a week of testing and a week of vacation. The summer break would have an additional week of vacation. Each classroom day would consist of five- to 90-minute classes with 30 minutes for lunch.

This format should start as early as sixth grade and continue through 12th grade. If done properly, the last two years of school would be geared toward the students’ vocation. At graduation, students would be ready for their career or have up to two years of college credit toward their college degree.

I feel this system would provide a road map towards success at Liberty Schools.

Robert G. Mossman, Liberty

Save historic Lily Pond

Have you been to

the Lily Pond in Mill Creek Park? For quite awhile now, the pond has been murky and fish have died in the past because of the lack of

oxygen. The fish need an aeration system in their pond.

Mill Creek Park is a wonderful asset to our area, and we would hope to improve our natural treasure and with that we are asking the park to aerate the historic Lily Pond. Aeration is a proven scientific technology that improves water quality. Aeration enhances fish habitats by improving the

water and therefore reduces algae and phosphorus, which helps break down the unwanted bacteria and removes foul odors. An installed system would add oxygen to the

water that would help prevent fish kills.

Many visitors from all over the world visit our pond, and improving the ecosystem would be a good reflection on our community. Our pond is so historic and needs to be preserved. We know money is available for this project. 

We really need to get this system into place this season. If you love Mill Creek Park and if you love all animals, please help save these poor fish. It’s also only a matter of time when the turtles will be affected! 

Please take a minute to sign a petition that will be presented to the Mill Creek Park Board soon. You can find it online at  

Pat McCamy, Austintown