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Shameful presidential campaign this year tarnishes image of US

Sunday, March 13, 2016

Shameful presidential campaign this year tarnishes image of US

If presidential can- didates continue to spew venom about one another, the slips of their tongue could result in poisoning themselves.

As if the candidates’ behavior at the debates weren’t non-presidential enough, Mr. Romney like “the ghost of Christmas past” felt a contribution of tattle tales against Donald Trump was needed.

I have never seen a nastier, shameful, mean and undignified campaign as the one taking place. I wonder if the candidates give a thought to what people in the world think about the spectacle taking place in our country?

The presidency deserves to be honored with dignity and great respect, and when our country’s own people seeking the highest office in our country display such shameful and non-presidential behavior, it tarnishes our country’s greatness.

Let us hope that candidates will stop treating the campaign like some game show where the contestant slinging the most dirt about their opponent wins the grand prize. Candidates, use your brain – enough with finding blame.

Mary Lou Jurina, Youngstown

Cues for Trump: Exit GOP politics; re-enter reality TV

I feel it’s a disgrace to our country to have Republican debates that remind me of a comedy show.

What is wrong with our U.S. citizens who rally around Donald Trump who appears to have psychological problems? Is it because he appears to be racist and only wants those who are blue-eyed and blond-haired to reside in this country?

He has no political background, uses foul language and bullies his opponents. From what I have read, he has been in bankruptcy, so how can he run a country when he can’t keep his business from failing?

If he wins the nomination and God forbid the presidency, we as minorities better find another country because we’ll probably end up like the American Indians (the only true Americans) on a reservation and in poverty. If I had the opportunity, I would tell Trump to stick to his reality shows.

Olla L. Tate, Youngstown

Vietnam veteran’s case against Hillary Clinton

I can’t vote for Mrs. Hillary Clinton because her lack of action for our four Americans who needlessly died in Benghazi. Signs at Clinton rallies read “Fighting for You”; that’s another lie. She didn’t fight for our men in Benghazi, and she isn’t fighting for you.

She is pro-abortion. Is she fighting for the unborn? The shedding of innocent blood is the biggest mark against our country.

Also, not knowing what is classified or top secret proves she isn’t too bright. She’s received millions from foreign governments; they expect something in return.

I am a man of God, trusting Jesus. I have helped Americans to recover from disasters, in Lincoln, Neb., New Orleans and other places. A blood donor with over 10 gallons to help those in our area. I am a Vietnam War vet who served in the jungles in a combat unit.

Americans don’t leave Americans behind.

Tom Bamberger, Salem

2016 GOP insults Lincoln

Over and over again, I have heard Republicans say, “We are the party of Lincoln.”

I beg to differ. The fine and honorable President Abraham Lincoln would turn over in his grave if he heard this.

It is apparent to me that the Republicans of today are the party of cynicism and bombast. In other words, the party of Trump.

Judy Guy, Boardman

Austintown Senior Center deserves all of our support

How can I express my joy at becoming a member of the Austintown Senior Center on Westchester Drive? At 93 years of age, I have outlived my husband, many of my friends and faced a beloved church closing after a lifetime membership there.

The center has become my mental and physical life. I attend an art class weekly, yoga twice a week, cards, meals trips, and best of all I have found new friends. Please support the levy renewal and efforts to keep this place continuing. It is saving lives for so many senior citizens. If you are young now, believe me you will be a senior before you realize it.

Grace Williams, Austintown

Blame tea-party politics for stupid US trade policy

Once considered the center of the auto industry, Michigan has been hit hard by our country’s stupid trade policies. Greedy corporations and politicians sent our jobs to places where workers are exploited and barely paid, and the environment is destroyed because of no regulatory controls. The result has been absolutely devastating to America and its workers.

You’re probably saying to yourself, “Why did we let them do that?” The answer: Corporations dumped millions into tea-party Republicans’ campaign coffers thanks to the tea-party Supreme Court.

Gov. Rick Snyder of Michigan was elected by promising to create jobs – way to go Ricky! You knew that being in bed with big business wouldn’t create jobs as a matter of fact; that’s not what big business strives to do. They want to do just the opposite, cut costs and eliminate jobs. I think all corporate raiders and billionaires go to school to learn how to destroy workers’ lives and downsize their operations.

My question is why do they want to deny the middle class and poor the chance to make a decent living?

Election time is near, so stop and think about your vote. Do you think that corporate America needs more tax breaks and deregulation? I’m betting that you don’t.

Bud McKelvey, Hermitage, Pa.