Easter hops into Poland North Preschool


Neighbors | Alexis Bartolomucci.Joy Bucci's class celebrated Easted by coloring Easter eggs and eating different Easter snacks on March 22 at Poland North Preschool.


Neighbors | Alexis Bartolomucci.Samantha Cox's transitional kindergarten class celebrated Easter on March 24 by coloring their own Easter eggs at Poland Union Preschool.


Neighbors | Alexis Bartolomucci.Students in Samantha Cox's transitional kindergarten class searched for the hidden Easter eggs during their egg hunt on March 24.


Neighbors | Alexis Bartolomucci.Ashley Baron's class at Poland Union Preschool celebrated Easter on March 24 with bunny bags and an egg hunt.



During the week of March 21-24 the students at Poland North Preschool celebrated Easter.

Each class celebrated Easter in its own way.

Many of the students went on an Easter egg hunt, some colored Easter eggs and had class activities and lessons were related to Easter and spring time.

Joy Bucci’s classes went on an egg hunt, colored two of their own Easter eggs and had an Easter party with different Easter treats, like Peeps.

Samantha Cox had her transitional kindergarten class colored an egg before they went out for their hunt. Three students at a time came to the table and picked what color they wanted their eggs to be. After the students colored their eggs, they were taken outside to the courtyard to find the hidden eggs. Each of the students could pick out three eggs they found and put them in their bag. When everyone found three eggs, they went back to the classroom and opened their eggs. Some eggs had candy and others had stickers.

Ashley Baron’s class also went on an egg hunt to collect eggs.

All of her students had a bag with a bunny on it for the different treats and prizes the students would take home from their Easter celebration.

The children had a week full of Easter activities to get them ready for the holiday.

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