Special education interventionist shares experience



Carmen Difrangia is a native of Poland and is currently a K-2 intervention specialist at Ohio Virtual Academy. Prior to working at OHVA, Difrangia worked in the public school system for more than six years. While working in public schools, Difrangia worked with children who are emotionally disabled and have behavioral issues. She worked with students of all ages, but now with OHVA, she works mainly with students who are in kindergarten.

Difrangia made the switch from the public school system to OHVA when she became pregnant with her daughter. It was something that provided her with a more flexible schedule. Difrangia had taken online classes herself and enjoyed the convenience of them. She has been with OHVA for two years and is looking to continue her time there.

“I’m constantly learning new things about technology, it’s very efficient,” said Difrangia.

Although Difrangia enjoys the face-to-face interaction, she also appreciates the different aspects of working with students via the Internet. She teaches the same skills, but in a different format. In public schools Difrangia was used to teaching around 10 students at a time and at OHVA it ranges from one to five students at a time.

“The kids and parents have to find what the best fit for the student is,” said Difrangia.

Difrangia puts an emphasis on what is best for the students. It’s up the to students and the parents to find out what surrounding the student performs better in. Some students perform better in a public environment, while others take to Internet classes better.

Working in the public school system versus teaching online classes is different in several ways. Difrangia is hoping to continue her career with OHVA, but would not be opposed to going back to the public school system.