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A message of love, not hate

Friday, August 17, 2012

A message of love, not hate

I would like to respond to the Aug. 2 letter about Chick-fil-A and that writer’s interpretation of the Bible. As for Chick-fil-A, Mr. Cathy has every right to support whatever beliefs that he has, whether we agree with him or not. However, everyone who disagrees is also free to speak their minds as well, and leading boycotts is within their freedom of speech as well.

As for the letter’s declaration that, “It is time we as a God-fearing nation stood up. Let your local and national leaders know that they will not have your support if they decide to try to rewrite the Bible. It’s time we started throwing people to the wolves” — this is offensive to me as a Christian. Christ tells us, “Do not judge, and you will not be judged; do not condemn, and you will bit be condemned.” (Luke 6:37) Saying to throw people to the wolves is hardly non-judgmental; it is spiteful and hateful, which are quite the opposite of the life that Christ calls us to.

God is one of compassion, not hate, and spewing hatred and violence does damage to God’s name.

As for making a joke out of marriage, the book of Acts is the story of the church becoming more and more open to all people. It starts of as only Jews and the need for circumcision, and keeps moving forward to include the Gentiles and those who are seen as unclean and unworthy, which far too often is how those in the LGBT community are seen.

It is God’s desire throughout the scriptures to bring God’s good news to all the world and be a blessing to all people. I pray for our community, our country, and for this world, that we may live in peace, instead of judgment, and in love, instead of intolerance and hatred.

Rev. Sean Myers, Columbiana

Can’t politicians get along?

The Aug.13 front page arti- cle, “Congress candidates in Valley accuse each other of promoting outsourcing” by David Skolnick, makes me want to scream. I am so tired already of these political battles. What I want to know is what are you going to do to help this country?

I don’t care about “party” ( Republican/Democrat). I care about America. “We the People” are still trying to form that perfect union. Our two parties need to become partners in solving our nation’s problems, not fight like children.

Tell us your plans, work for all Americans, stop fighting each other, put all your energies into something more constructive for our nation, our towns, and our neighborhoods. Is that really asking too much?

Sharmon Lesnak ,Youngstown