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HELOISE: Hints on choices bring new attitude

Monday, May 30, 2011

Dear Heloise: I recently heard you speak in San Marcos, Texas. While growing up, I frequently heard my mom’s friends bring up your name when giving me advice. But I didn’t listen. After hearing you in person, I’ve realized that Mother is always right, and I should have clued into your hints years ago.

Through the years, I’ve spent tons of money on the latest and greatest detergents, chemicals, etc. In the past month, your helpful hints enabled me to have a new attitude about my everyday household choices, and I’ve already saved more money than the price of that ticket to see you in person. Thank you for making a difference for me, and I hope you continue opening the eyes of many more people. I’m grateful to you for my new attitude.

Denise Pruski, via email

Denise, how nice of you to write, and thank you for the kind words. When I spoke to the group (Central Texas Medical Center Hospice), the focus was “Hints for Caregivers,” but of course I have to always share vinegar and baking-soda hints, too.


Dear Readers: Here are some quick hints for an organized desk:

Get rid of pens and pencils that don’t work.

Keep only what you need in your desk.

Keep labeled files, and go through to get rid of things you no longer need.

Have a small notepad to take notes throughout the day.

Try to clean your desk daily before you leave.


Dear Heloise: I bought three picture albums at a rummage sale for $1 apiece. They were approximately sized 6-by-6 inches and 8-by-8 inches. I used one for all my business cards (doctors, hairdresser, CPA, etc.) — quick, neat and easy to store. Better than in drawers, on the fridge or in the bottom of our purses! The other albums I used for cut-out recipes (from magazines, soup cans, boxes, etc.).

Susan in North Royalton, Ohio


Dear Heloise: As a novice cook, my pet peeve is recipes that do not specify the measurement of the product in the list of ingredients. One recipe listed “a box of vanilla pudding,” with no designation as to the size. One ounce net weight? One and a half ounces net weight? Small, medium, large or family size? Fortunately, my guess was correct, and the dessert was enjoyed by family and friends.

Margarette, via email

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