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HELOISE: In case of hurricane, keep meds handy

Friday, June 3, 2011

Dear Heloise: With the start of hurricane season, I wanted to remind readers of something important to have on hand in case of a hurricane: allergy medications!

After Hurricane Ike hit Houston in 2008, all of the downed trees and wind-stirred vegetation made my daughter’s allergies go crazy, resulting in asthma. Since she usually only has fall allergies, I didn’t have the proper medications and an inhaler on hand. Pharmacies were closed for days, so it made for a scary situation that could have been easily avoided with a little planning.

Elizabeth B., Houston

Elizabeth, thank you for this reminder! It’s certainly something I never would have thought of.


Dear Heloise: I have a dryer that’s about 15 years old and I thought it was on its last leg. It would dry sometimes, and sometimes not. The heat was not as hot as it should have been.

At times, I had to run a load twice, and it still was damp. So naturally, I was prepared to buy a new one.

We were told to remove the back panel (this may be a bit difficult, so it would be best to have a professional do this task — Heloise) to see if lint had built up on the inside. I could not believe the amount of lint.

I always cleaned the lint filter after a couple of loads, and it was piped to go outside, and that also was cleaned. It was not a matter of not being cleaned — this just happens over time.

We were told that this should be done every couple of years. Now it is working great, as good as new. This saved us from putting out a lot of money on a new dryer.

Sandy Boro, Plattsmouth, Neb.

Dear Heloise: When packing for a trip, I couldn’t find the small plastic bag that attaches inside my luggage. I use this bag for toiletries and consider it an extra layer of protection against leaks.

I simply put my toiletry kit in the plastic zipper bag that had once contained the new sheets I had just bought. The kit fit with some room to spare, and I did not worry about leaks in my luggage.

Thomas S., via email

Dear Heloise: I recently saw your column about public laundry facilities. Here are a couple of hints from the laundry’s side:

If you are going to the bank to cash a check or withdraw money, please get change for your laundry. If several people come in with $20s, I have to close down and run to the bank for smaller bills.

If the washer or dryer is done, please hang up your cellphone and remove your clothes. Other people might be waiting for you to get done, or it may be closing time.

Doloris Stolle, Mansfield, Ohio

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