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Cryonics pioneer Robert Ettinger dies, body frozen

Tuesday, July 26, 2011

Robert Ettinger, pioneer of the cryonics movement that advocates freezing the dead in the hope medical technology will enable them to live again someday, has died. He was 92.

The Cryonics Institute in the Detroit suburb of Clinton Township says Ettinger died Saturday and was promptly frozen. Son David Ettinger says his father’s health was failing for some time.

Ettinger first proposed storing dead bodies at low temperatures to await future revival in a 1964 book. He continued promoting the idea for decades in writing and public appearances.

He founded the Cryonics Institute in 1976. He’s the 106th person whose body is stored at the institute at minus 321 degrees in liquid nitrogen.

David Ettinger says his father was a “reluctant prophet” who wasn’t bothered by people ridiculing his ideas.