Frank Ohl concert entertains students and staff


Neighbors | Sarah Foor .Frank Ohl music teacher Dan Foersburg (left) stood before his Dec. 15 choral concert to thank his students for giving up some of their prized recesses to practice for the concert.


Even with a sprained ankle and a broken leg, respectively, Allison Ward (left) and Jordan Evans (right) managed to show off some dance moves during the choral concert.


When asked to sing along to holiday favorites, Michael Blackmon (left) had to discuss with his friend Dominic Veltri (right) which one was indeed their favorite.


Frank Ohl's musically talented principal Dennis Rice (right) is always willing to accompany Dan Foersburg (left) and the choral students during concerts. Rice's focus here is centered on mastering the guitar section of "Feliz Navidad."


At Frank Ohl Intermediate, a week before the students’ holiday break, it was hard for anyone to keep the attention of the student body. However, during the school’s Dec. 15 choral concert, the fourth- and fifth-grade singers managed to catch their peers’ focus and entertain them as well.

Music teacher Dan Forsburg insists that his choral students gave up a lot for a successful concert.

“My students conceded multiple recesses to practice our program and make sure that all the details are perfect. And I know how important recess is for these kids,” Forsburg said.

The show prepared for the student body featured the talented voices of the fourth- and fifth-graders, testing their skills with holiday songs that were slow in tempo and others that had a quick, jive sound.

Forsburg invited principal Dennis Rice to play the guitar sections of “Feliz Navidad” and “Reindeer Jive.”

“I’m happy to have a principal who is so musically talented, and always willing to play a song or two for all of our concerts,” said Forsburg of Rice.

With some help from Rice, the choir sang well-known holiday carols and asked the audience to join in the singing.

After the concert, Forsburg reflected on the journey to the holiday concert.

“We lost a few days to snow here and there, but I think the hard work really paid off for the students today,” he said.