It’s hard to beat this fingernail polish hint

HELOISE: It’s hard to beat this fingernail polish hint

Dear Heloise: I found a new use for bright-colored fingernail polish. My electric mixer uses two beaters.

They look identical, but only one fits in the mixer hole on the motor unit.

I painted the beater tip with a bright-red nail polish, and put another dab on the unit next to the hole that beater fits into. Now when I use the mixer, I know immediately which beater fits into which hole.

Another use of fingernail polish is on the switch plate in the bathroom. Mine has three switches: one each for light, heater and exhaust fan. I put a dab of red nail polish on the switch that is for the heater.

Now I know immediately which one is for the heat. One guest told me it was great to know which one was heat and which one was the fan. It’s easily seen on the tip of a switch — red means heat! Sandra from Louisiana

Sandra, easy ID, and I love it! I use bright-purple or red nail polish on my tools (hammer, pliers, etc.) so they don’t walk away! And if they do, I can ID them in a flash. Heloise

Dear Heloise: When hanging pants on plastic hangers, use black ones for black pants and white hangers for blue pants. No confusion when they have to match up with tops.

Also, after washing and scrubbing my shower, I use my garden bucket (watering can — Heloise) to rinse down the shower. No throwing glasses of water to clean and remove the soap. Buck Kolsun, Northeast Indiana

Dear Heloise: Before leaving home, I print labels from my computer to use to send postcards to family and friends while I’m on vacation. Then, all I have to do is pull one of the labels to send a postcard. I usually run a couple of sets if I intend to send multiple cards.

This really saves time when it comes to mailing the cards. Several of my friends are now using my hint. Charlene in California

Dear Heloise: My son has a hard time falling asleep when he can hear the TV in the other room. To solve this problem, I bought wireless headphones that can be connected to the TV. My husband can listen to the TV, and my son can sleep.

I love the headphones and use them when doing chores. This way, I don’t have to sit in front of the TV for every show. Moving from room to room does not diminish the volume of the sound, as I am wearing headphones. Preeti in Maryland

Dear Readers: When hanging pictures, add a dot of clear silicone caulking to the back of the picture frame in each of the corners. When dry, hang, and the frame now has permanent dots that help keep it in place. Heloise

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