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2 stuns, 2 dog bites, one split lip

Thursday, December 30, 2010

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Latrell C. Kimbrough

Staff report


A traffic stop resulted in the confiscation of 1.6 ounces of cocaine and a split lip for one police officer, city police report.

Latrell C. Kimbrough, 33, of Youngstown fled a traffic stop on Coitsville Road at Moore Avenue at 7:45 p.m. Tuesday after hitting the officer in the mouth, the report says. He continued to run despite being shot with a stun gun. During a foot chase, he was stunned again. Eventually he took a burst of pepper spray to the eyes and was bitten twice by the police dog.

Officer John Gulu, who is the department’s K9 handler, stopped Kimbrough for driving 42 mph in a 25 mph zone and decided to search his car, the report says.

Three other officers arrived, and Kimbrough had to step out of the car to be frisked. An officer could feel a large plastic bag inside Kimbrough’s coat, and he tried to put handcuffs on him.

Kimbrough pulled away and tried to run. Gulu grabbed his jacket, and Kimbrough stripped off the jacket by swinging his arm, hitting Gulu in the mouth, the report says.

Kimbrough was told to stop or he would be hit with a stun-gun dart. He was hit but broke free of the dart and continued to run.

Police chased him through yards on Moore and Eastern avenues. They found him lying by a row of bushes, but he jumped up and ran again despite being hit by another stun-gun dart.

Police found Kimbrough on the back porch of a house on Eastern.

He resisted arrest there and was hit with pepper spray, the report says.

He tried to run again, but police caught him.

He continued to resist arrest. Gulu arrived and ordered the police dog to grab his arm.

Gulu called off the dog and told Kimbrough not to move, but he tried to run again while police were getting a cruiser to take him to jail. The dog was ordered to grab his leg.

Officers retrieved Kimbrough’s coat and found the cocaine, the report says.

Officers also found $840 in cash in his pocket.

He was charged with assault, resisting arrest, obstructing official business, speeding and trafficking in cocaine.

Detective Sgt. John Rusnak said the cocaine was split into three bags, indicating it was to be sold.

Kimbrough remained in the Campbell jail Wednesday and was expected to be arraigned this morning in the municipal court.

Kimbrough had prior arrests on weapons, drugs and assault charges out of Youngstown, Rusnak said.

He went to prison for a year in 1996 on aggravated trafficking and weapons charges, Rusnak said.

In 1999, Kimbrough spent 90 days in jail for assault, Rusnak said.