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MedStar, official help with burials

By Ed Runyan

Wednesday, December 15, 2010

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Victoria Jordan

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Kimberly Delaney

By Ed Runyan


Women 19 and 20 years old, who had lived in the city for between five months and seven years, were killed in a two-car accident in Cleveland on Dec. 5.

Warren relatives didn’t have enough money for burial and a memorial service for Kimberly Delaney, 19, and Victoria Jordan, 20, prompting Councilman Bob Dean and MedStar EMS and Transport Inc. to step in to help.

MedStar donated money and is collecting funds from others at its station at 1600 Youngstown Road, said Virginia Pattinson of MedStar.

A fund called the Kimberly and Victoria Fund also is set up at Huntington Bank to help the family with expenses.

Sharmaine Delaney, 20, who came to Warren three years ago and lives in the Hampshire House Apartments, said her sister, Kimberly Delaney, 19, came to Warren five months ago.

Sharmaine Delaney’s cousin, Victoria Jordan, 20, came to Warren about seven years ago.

Jordan’s mother, Regina Jordan, also lives in Warren.

The women’s car went out of control on ice at 2:40 a.m. and collided with a Dodge Durango. Both women were pronounced dead at the scene. The Durango driver suffered a minor leg injury.

Sharmaine Delaney said Victoria lived on Hamilton Street Southwest, and Kimberly lived in the Avon Oaks apartments on Southern Boulevard Northwest, though all three women lived most of their lives in Cleveland.

“We just want them to have a respectable and decent burial,” Sharmaine Delaney said.

Pattinson added that she couldn’t imagine the pain Regina Jordan would feel if she was unable to have a service for her daughter.

The funeral is planned for a church in Cleveland. A Warren-area memorial service also is planned, Dean said.