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Friday, August 8, 2008

Background: Youngstown Police Chaplaincy Corps was organized Dec. 19, 1988.

Who’s involved: There are 20 chaplains of various denominations; 14 men and six women including one nun.

Directives: To support the mission of the Youngstown Police Department, to provide spiritual guidance, counseling and comfort to officers and their families, to serve as a community resource and to serve during a disaster as requested by emergency personnel.

Leadership: Detective Sgt. Delphine Baldwin-Casey is the YPD chaplain liaison officer. The Rev. David Shortt does the chaplains’ schedule. The Rev. Edward J. Neroda is chairman of chaplains and conducts chaplain meetings. “Father Neroda attends various in-service training and participates in workshops for police chaplains,” Baldwin-Casey said. He also makes himself available to offer a prayer at “various police ceremonies” and “whatever events I’m having,” she said. She commended his dedication to chaplain duty.