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Personalized selection makes book search easier

Thursday, April 5, 2007

Dear Heloise: I love your column, and I have a great hint for your readers. Whenever I visit the library, I can't seem to remember all the fascinating books and authors I've been meaning to read.
Our library system has a Web site with a catalog search option. I search for books online right after I've read an interesting book review in a magazine and place them on reserve.
The library then sends an e-mail notice when the books are ready for pickup, and I'm always delighted with my "personalized" selections! Jenny Corsey from Marietta, Ga.
Aren't libraries wonderful? They offer a wealth of information, and it's not just books -- CDs, DVDs, VHS tapes and more are available for everyone to use. Most libraries have computers that patrons can use as well. Heloise
Dear Heloise: I think I have an original for you! I wore a pair of shoes to work today that burned the balls of my feet with the trouser socks I was wearing. I forgot to insert a pair of insoles. So, I cut an old, clean, extra computer mouse pad that I had in my desk into the shape of insoles, and voila! -- it worked. They are rubber on the bottom, so they don't slip, and just thick enough that they gave me instant comfort. Lisa Marquis from Springfield, Ill.
Dear Heloise: Recently, I read in your column how to fluff pillows in the dryer using tennis shoes. I tried it, and it works just great! However, do not use tennis shoes with black soles, because they can stain the dryer drum. Fanny Geiger, Vancouver, Wash.
Dear Heloise: When hanging shirts or pants out on a clothesline to dry, I put them on thick plastic hangers. They dry already on their hangers and in the shape they'll be worn. For the shirts, I button the collar, the top button and one of the lower ones. This way, they won't blow off the hanger. For thicker jeans-type pants, I flip them over halfway through the drying to ensure even dryness. Once dry, it is easy to grab the hangers and go straight to the closet. Cliff, Austin, Texas
Dear Heloise: My kitchen had no place to hang kitchen towels from. I went to a local store and bought two sets of minimagnetic curtain rods. I placed one on the oven door, one on the refrigerator door and two on the side of the refrigerator.
I hang my dish towels and matching potholders from these minicurtain rods. They are handy when needed and look nice, plus they are removable, so you can clean the surface. Yvonda H., North Little Rock, Ark.
Dear Heloise: After grating cheese, the grater can be messy to clean. Rather than getting a sponge ripped up, use a new toothbrush. It's easy, fast and very effective. Hope this helps someone! Tammy, Amsterdam, N.Y.
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