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SAFETY FORCES Boardman hires company to study main fire station

Monday, February 28, 2005

The township is in the midst of a multiyear plan to repair its facilities.
BOARDMAN -- A leaky roof, watery basement and bare-bones living quarters show the age of the township's main fire station on U.S. Route 224.
The township has hired MS Consultants of Youngstown to conduct a $3,000 initial analysis that's expected to recommend whether the 1926 structure should be renovated or rebuilt.
Chief James Dorman said it's the same process two other stations, one at Shields Road and Lockwood Boulevard and the other on South Avenue, went through.
The verdict was to renovate those two stations, increasing the size of both. Work was completed last fall.
Some work done
Some items, like cleaning up calcium deposits, mold and mildew in the basement and replacing cracked heat exchangers already has been done at the main fire station because those presented health concerns.
Curt B. Seditz, township administrator, said the township is in the midst of a multiyear plan to repair or rebuild its facilities. The government center on Market Street, which houses administrative offices and the police department, was first, completed in the early 1990s.
That was followed by the road department building, which is behind the government center and the two fire stations. The chief said the main station accommodates seven firefighters who are assigned to the station 24 hours per day. Curtains separate the twin beds with lockers lining the wall for their storage.
More privacy
The other fire stations provide sleeping stalls, offering more privacy for sleeping firefighters, while each stall includes three lockers, one for each shift.
The restroom facility on the second floor, where firefighters sleep, includes one toilet, one urinal, three sinks and two shower stalls.
The main station also houses four firefighters, including the chief, who work during the day shift.
Although most development in the township is happening south of U.S. 224, Dorman believes the location of the main station is a good one.
He said the township is divided into 25 grids for fire protection, one for each square mile of the township. Calls are logged with their corresponding grid.
The center grid, where the station is located, comprises between 13 percent and 14 percent of the department's calls each year.
Water damage
Waterproof covers have been placed over some equipment in a work area of the station because of the leaking roof, and several ceiling tiles show water stains.
Although Dorman says most of the water that seeped into the basement during heavy rains was removed, small puddles and rivulets remain.
"These guys have put up with a lot because they knew their turn was coming," Dorman said.