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Thursday, February 24, 2005

Black inventors/patents
Numerous household and other common items we use today were invented or improved during the late 19th and early 20th centuries by black inventors. A sample of products, their inventors and patent dates:
Golf tee: Invented by Dr. George Grant; patented Dec. 12, 1899.
Dustpan: Llyod Ray, Aug. 3, 1897.
Padlock: Washington Martin, July 23, 1889.
Straightening comb: Walter Sammons, Dec. 21, 1920.
Desktop pencil sharpener: John Lee Love, Nov. 23, 1897.
Key ring: Frederick Lowden, Jan. 9, 1894.
Furniture castor: David Fisher, April 26, 1892.
Hairbrush: Lyda Newman, Nov. 15, 1898.
Ironing board: Sarah Boone, April 26, 1892.
Ice cream scoop: Alfred Cralle, Feb. 2, 1897.
Lawn mower: John Burr, May 9, 1899.
Mop: Thomas Steward, June 13, 1892.