hBook tells the tale of the brothers Greene

hBook tells the taleof the brothers Greene
The architectural contributions of brothers Charles and Henry Greene might seem an unlikely topic for a children's book. Nevertheless, Kathleen Thorne-Thomsen has managed to weave a tale that not only tells the brothers' story but also encompasses glimpses of American life during their time, a bit of architectural history and activities that encourage creativity.
"Greene & amp; Greene for Kids" follows the lives of the Greene brothers, who helped popularize the Arts and Crafts style in the United States and pioneered the California bungalow. Thorne-Thomsen shares the experiences that influenced the brothers and introduces her young readers to several of the Greenes' influential houses. To give that information context and engage her readers, she also slips in tidbits about America in the late 1800s and early 1900s -- what people ate, what their houses were like and even how they might have carved a soap sculpture or made a root beer float.
The book is published by Gibbs Smith, Publisher, and sells for $17.95.
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