CHARACTERISTICS In the classroom

Increased coordination.
Push themselves to physical limits and fatigue easily.
Highly competitive and impatient.
Worry a lot and are their own worst critics.
Aloof. Can be sullen and moody.
Love vocabulary, language play and information.
Age of negatives: "I hate it," "I can't," "boring."
Intellectual curiosity.
Trouble with abstractions such as large numbers or periods of time.
Good listeners.
Voracious readers.
Expressive and talkative.
Increased ability to be abstract.
Like rules and logic. Like to organize.
Need a great deal of physical activity.
Like to work in groups.
Enjoy tracing and copying as fine motor skills strengthen.
Able to concentrate and read for extended periods.
Actively receptive learners. Memorization is a key learning strategy.
Source: "Yardsticks: Children in the Classroom Ages 4-14" by Chip Wood∫