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Compete to get published

Friday, February 27, 2004

Compete to get published
English teachers are always saying, "Write what you know." Problem is, who wants to read about your childhood fear of dogs or your crippling stage fright? Believe it or not, Newsweek does. The weekly newsmagazine is holding its annual "My Turn" high school essay contest. Every week, the magazine's "My Turn" section gives average Joes a chance to spill about their lives, their families and their fears. And in its annual contest, Newsweek looks for one high school student with something cool to say.
You don't have to write about anything earth-shattering, like the war in Iraq or your worries about the future. You can write about whatever you want and whatever you know. Ten winning essays will be chosen, with a first prize of $5,000, second prize of $2,000 and eight additional prizes of $1,000 each. Plus, winners could be published in the magazine.
Just a warning: You could have a lot of competition. Five thousand writers entered last year! But don't let that discourage you -- visit for an entry form and rules. The contest deadline is March 1.
Pampering party
Invite some friends over for dessert, but please don't let them eat! The brand-new Spa Desserts kit isn't for eating, but it's still a treat. The totally girly pastry-style box includes everything you need to throw a spa party for all of your pals -- Cherry Facial Scrub, Pumpkin Papaya Face Mask, Honey Hand Mask and Honey Almond Foot Scrub. It even includes invitations and manicure gloves. This stuff smells amazing, so we suggest you keep it far away from any little brothers or sisters who might mistake it for dessert!
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