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Brad Gessner deserved to be endorsed by The Vindicator

Thursday, February 26, 2004

Brad Gessner deserved to beendorsed by The Vindicator
I am writing to respond to your editorial endorsing the current Mahoning County prosecutor for re-election.
Brad Gessner is a colleague of mine at the Summit County Prosecutor's Office. In the few years I've known Brad, he has always impressed me with his integrity, loyalty and intelligence. He is a wonderful husband to his wife and a devoted father to his children. Those of us who know him in Summit County are always impressed by Brad. Defense attorneys fear his tenacity and his colleagues respect his counsel.
Therefore, we were shocked by your endorsement of the current prosecutor. Your implication that Brad turned a blind eye to corruption is absurd. Brad Gessner is nothing if not a moral man: a man of strong, unflinching character. I wonder if your editorial staff took the time to talk to the people who know Brad or who have worked with him in a professional capacity. Did you attempt to learn more about the man, or did your staff just trade on a lame theory of guilt by association? Unfortunately, it is The Vindicator that is turning a blind eye and dismissing a candidate who would bring honor and decency to your county's prosecutor's office.
When Brad Gessner is elected Mahoning County prosecutor, despite your paper's close-minded endorsement, my office will lose a valued and dedicated prosecutor. Our county's loss, though, will be your county's gain.
XThe writer is an assistant county prosecutor in Summit County.
Brookfield eighth-graderurges voters to back levy
I am an eighth-grade student at Brookfield Middle School. I am writing this letter to the voters of Brookfield. I am asking them to vote yes for the levy that will be on the ballot March 2.
If this levy does not pass some teachers may lose their jobs, there might be eliminations in extracurricular activities, there might also be cuts on the nurses, leaving our district with one nurse for five buildings. And also we may have to merge with another district. I have gone to Brookfield since kindergarten. I'm in track, cross country and band. I want to graduate a Brookfield Warrior.
If the levy doesn't pass, a lot of bad things might happen. I'm hoping, I'm praying this levy passes before it's too late.
Residents of North Jacksonwant their library to stay
Save our library! As a patron of our North Jackson Library, I am unable to find justification in the closing of our local branch. Every school community should have this service. Someone must justify to the citizens of North Jackson why approximately $38,000 a year is too much to keep our library open, but nearly $800,000 will be spent a year for the new Austintown library.
Not only are they proposing to close ours, but we must also hear that new ones will be built in other communities. Our building is township owned, our & quot;Friends & quot; group maintains our landscaping and so much more. The love and time that have been put into it cannot be measured. A new development in our township promises new families will surely make use of our facility.
We are a community that has lost a local grocery store and a bank, and now our library is in danger.
North Jackson