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Tuesday, March 4, 2003

Marriage licenses
Daniel F. Boyle, 20, of 3830 state Route 46, Mineral Ridge, and Lisa N. Cowen, 20, of same.
Steven Mathews, 33, of 693 Laurelwood Drive S.E., Warren, and Karen Waterman, 34, of same.
Gary L. Mauk, 45, of 333 Ventura Drive, Youngstown, and Renee D. George, 39, of same.
Michael A. Hodil, 37, of 711 Brightview Ave., Masury, and Jennifer L. Stroup, 29, of same.
Joseph A. Clay, 34, of 1526 W. Park Ave., Niles, and Rochelle J. Bates, 29, of 398 Robbins Ave., Niles.
Andrew Menichini, 59, of 4 Coronado Drive, New Castle, Pa., and Linda J. Drendi, 50, of 3 Timberwood Drive, Greenville, Pa.
James E. Ashby, 33, of 242 Atlantic St., Warren, and Stephanie A. Cool, 27, of same.
Barry J. Foster, legal age, 7280 Route 609, Burghill, and Judith K. Jarvis, legal age, 5553 Kingsville Road N.E., Cortland.
George A. Henry Jr., 23, of 16 Linden Ave., Niles, and Rachel L. Simpson, 25, of same.
Joseph Myers, 24, of 26 E. Federal St., Niles, and Danielle Konkol, 20, of same.
Eric T. Kimbel, 19, of 508 Park Ave., Girard, and Jennifer R. Parson, 25, of same.
Jonathan Russ, 23, of 2214 Risher Road S.W., Warren, and Kim M. Pacheco, 31, of 672 Delaware Ave. S.W., Warren.
Kevin J. Gualandi, 40, of 6308 Phillips Rice Road, Cortland, and Marilyn D. Perrine, 43, of same.
Robert L. Wenhold, 54, of 843 Winnebago, Andover, and Marilyn K. Greene, 42, of 35 Fulton St., Niles.
Ruben Badalyan, 37, Akron, and Melissa Hopper, 28, of 229 14th St., Niles.
Charles Anerino, 38, of 2789 Anderson Morris Road, Niles, and Eileen Ring, 38, of 1116 Patricia Drive, Girard.
Kevin C. Lacey, 30, of 4986 Davis Drive, Vienna, and Barbara A. Robinson, 31, of 475 Niles Vienna Road, Vienna.
David J. Christian, 26, of 304 Haymaker, Warren, and LaTasha M. Dukes, 27, of same.
Thomas W. Morris, 46, of 7018 Highland Ave., Lordstown, and Roxanne D. Hopkins, 46, of 2026 Draper St. S.E., Warren.
Docket entries
Second National Bank of Warren vs. James J. Kovalik, satisfaction of judgment.
George M. Cera vs. Meridian Mutual Insurance, dismissed.
Fidelity Bank vs. George R. Vranich Jr., foreclosure.
Jeffrey L. Mendenhall vs. Virgil S. McCartner, settled.
Stacy Hartwig vs. Catherine M. Staton, settled.
Countrywide Home Loans vs. Karl Dehn, confirmation of sale.
Larry Kegley vs. James Donahue, settled.
Katharine A. Luplow vs. Truck World Globe, dismissed.
Citifinancial Mortgage vs. Eric D. Zigler, foreclosure.
Provident Bank vs. Hans P. Hammerschmidt, confirmation of sale.
John M. Luban vs. Nola E. Myers, settled.
First Union National vs. Donna Roberts et al, confirmation of sale.
Kimberly Loyd vs. Deborah Dorsey, dismissed.
Cheryl A. Biddle vs. Maguire and Schneider, dismissed.
Bank of New York vs. Roger W. Grubb, withdraw order of sale granted.
Kimberly A. Cash vs. Patrick J. Clossin Jr., dismissed.
Lori Lumsden et al vs. Jeanne Barker, settled.
Lisa E. Ellis vs. Lamar D. Carmichael, settled.
Chase Manhattan Mortgage vs. Tammy L. M. Schultz, withdraw sale.
Wallace L. Brocious vs. John E. Curry, settled.
Tammy L. Cunningham vs. James Conrad, admin. BWC, verdict for plaintiff.
Cincinnati Insurance vs. Denver Johnson et al, satisfaction of judgment.
Liberty Savings Bank FSB vs. Richard A. Harris, foreclosure.
Doris Gore vs. Trumbull Country Club Inc., settled.
Leroy Benson vs. McDonald Steel Corp., settled.
Farmers National Bank vs. Kristen S. Peterson, confirmation of sale.
Jenny Mackey vs. John Doe, dismissed.
Bank of New York Trust vs. Gerald E. Christy, foreclosure.
Trumbull County Treasurer vs. Elsie V. Bryn, foreclosure.
Bank One NA vs. Lawrence A. Bradway et al, foreclosure.
Judith D. Muehlbauer vs. Kelly R. Huscroft, dismissed.
County treasurer vs. Richard Hadden, foreclosure.
County treasurer vs. Kenneth W. Morris et al, foreclosure.
Bank One NA vs. Keith A. Craver et al, default granted.
Bank One NA vs. April Brooks et al, summary judgment granted.
Candace Callihan vs. John Hanigosky Jr., dismissed.
Second National Bank vs. Julianne Bryant, dismissed.
Second National Bank vs. Frank E. Skinner Jr., dismissed.
U.S. Bank NA vs. Phillip Welch, withdraw sale.
Leslie W. Penman vs. Glenn F. Sweitzer, settled.
Chase Manhattan Mortgage vs. Richard Devanny, withdraw sale.
Kenneth D. Wilkins Sr. vs. Carey A. Vanhorn, settled.
William R. Biviano vs. Edward C. Mahan Trust et al, judgment entry.
Betty E. Patterson vs. Jeremy W. Shugarts, settled.
John Lisko Jr. vs. Earl Kagey, settled.
Kaye Snowberger vs. Westfield Insurance, settled.
County treasurer vs. Darlene Freeman, foreclosure.
Mary N. Laughter vs. Harvey Courtney Ford Inc., settled.
Christina Robertson vs. Excel Extrusions Inc., dismissed.
Altegra Credit vs. Dennis P. Minze, confirmation of sale.
Manufacturers and Traders vs. Gary R. Nitzsky, confirmation of sale.
Countrywide Home Loans vs. James H. Lytle II, confirmation of sale.
Farmers national Bank vs. Western Reserve Land Group, relief of judgment granted.
Conseco Finance Servicing vs. Douglas D. Fife Sr., dismissed.
Bank One NA vs. Roger W. Grubb, foreclosure.
Beatrice Stuckey vs. Darnell Wade, settled.
Donald Black vs. Metropolitan Property, settled.
Heritage Companies vs. Charles Cullins, settled.
Sandra Watson vs. Progressive Insurance, summary judgment granted.
David M. Crislip vs. Red Wing Shoe Company, settled.
Betty Haines vs. Janice I. Barnes, settled.
Richard McAdams vs. General Motors, dismissed.
Richard L. Berry vs. Frank D. Brown, settled.
Second National Bank vs. William T. Hirschy, foreclosure.
Rosalind Highfield vs. Belmont Pines Hospital, dismissed.
Equicredit Corp. vs. Gloria L. Petrosky, foreclosure.
Wells Fargo bank vs. Dennis E. Kingsley et al, foreclosure.
U.S. Bank NA vs. Wade A. Porter et al, dismissed.
Washington Mutual Bank FA vs. Vickie L. Hill, withdraw sheriff's sale.
Altegra Credit vs. Kevin L. Harris, foreclosure.
County treasurer vs. Angel F. Charlton, foreclosure.
Carolyn M. Patterson vs. Joseph C. Hodge Jr., dismissed.
Donald Guarnieri vs. Warren City Health, dismissed.
Bank One NA vs. Shirley Wilkins et al, order of sale withdrawn.
U.S. Bank NA vs. Mathew N. Weinreber et al, dismissed.
Albert A. Bansky vs. State Farm Insurance, settled.
Donald Watson et al vs. Donna L. Nelson, default granted against defendant.
Lee Sinclaire vs. Robert Davidson, default granted against defendant.
Popular Financial Services vs. Scott A. Nevel et al, foreclosure.
Helen Fulton vs. Great American Steakout, settled.