Marriage licenses
Daniel R. Holloway, 33, of 532 W. Oregon Ave., Sebring, and Amy E. Davis, 33, of same.
Richard J. Sylvester, 28, of 1865 S. Raccoon Road #3, Austintown, and Jeannette E. Rhinehart, 24, of 5328 Nashua Drive, Austintown.
Joshua S. Foster, 22, of 3638 Orchard Ave., Hubbard, and Christine M. Krajcirik, 28, of 3464 Maple Springs, Canfield.
Jason R. Markey, 23, of 114 Diana Drive, Poland, and Stephanie I. Schorsten, 23, of 4006 Windsor Road, Boardman.
Eric J. Nelson, 28, Crookston, Minn., and Amy R. Liston, 27, of same.
Divorces asked
Robyn L. Woolf, 19155 Middletown Road, Beloit, vs. Brian D. Woolf, 1516 Maplecrest, Austintown.
Joan E. Blazek, 2404 S.E. River Road, Lake Milton, vs. Allen E. Blazek, 2404 S.E. River Road, Lake Milton.
Vincent S. Ricchiuti, 3150 Linden Place, Canfield, vs. Holly L. Ricchiuti, Willoughby Heights.
New complaints
Sarah Strahin et al vs. George Heaver et al, money.,
Metropolitan National Bank vs. Midkiff Enterprises Co. Inc. et al, money.
Bank One NA vs. Gerald H. Pratt Jr. et al, money, foreclosure and relief.
Rose A. Matzye vs. Nancy Largent et al, money.
Wells Fargo Home Mortgage Inc. vs. Eugene R. Sharp Jr. et al, foreclosure.
Stanley Bowden et al vs. Forum Health et al, money.
In re: 1991 Chevrolet Camaro, request for certificate of title.
Nezar A. Sharef vs. George Kinetz, money.
County treasurer vs. Levon D. Campbell et al, taxes, assessments, penalties and interest, foreclosure and relief.
Same vs. Elbert Williams et al, taxes, assessments, penalties and interest, foreclosure and relief.
Same vs. Ethel Adams et al, taxes, assessments, penalties and interest, foreclosure and relief.
Eli Nemes dba Home Care Remodeling vs. Stefan Borbei et al, money.
Docket entries
State vs. Edward Lightning, community control negatively terminated.
County treasurer vs. Theresa K. Hereford et al, confirmation of sale.
Same vs. Lisle Valley Properties et al, confirmation of sale.
Same vs. Woodrow Rollins et al, confirmation of sale.
Same vs. Nathaniel R. Dixon et al, confirmation of sale.
Same vs. Clara R. Blunt et al, confirmation of sale.
Same vs. Rebecca Underwood et al, confirmation of sale.
Davene L. Mangie vs. Joy Thompsen, settled.
Youngstown Television LLC vs. Nelson Bedding Products, judgment for plaintiff.
Nicholl Chismark vs. James E. Lessick DDS, et al, dismissed.
Antwan C. Guss vs. HM Health Services et al, settled.
Wells Fargo vs. Moses O. Mahdee et al, foreclosure.
Charter One vs. Ronald J. Perline et al, confirmation of sale and distribution.
Bank One vs. Resa L. Scott et al, foreclosure.
Farmers National Bank vs. Ronnie E. Edwards, judgment for plaintiff.
Chase Manhattan vs. Otis R. Whitmore et al, dismissed.
Bankers Trust vs. Jacqueline P. Lynn et al, dismissed.
U.S. Bank NA vs. William G. Mills Jr. et al, dismissed.
Julie McMahan vs. Mandi Holt, dismissed.
Vincent M. Dinsio Jr. vs. Michael L. Miletti, judgment of cognovit note for plaintiff.
State vs. Mark A. Jones, sentenced to three years each for two counts of felonious assault to run consecutively; one year each for failure to comply and carrying concealed weapon to run concurrently and concurrent to other counts.
Wayne White vs. William L. Johnson et al, settled.
Nicole Siciliano vs. Charlene E. Kapturasky, settled.
American Paper Group Inc. vs. James Zubick, dismissed, counterclaim remains.
L.V. Mitchell vs. Semmie C. Gilmore et al, Mary C. Craig only, dismissed.
Mary E. Chatman vs. Cincinnati Insurance, settled.
First Nationwide vs. Edward Davis et al, dismissed.
Conseco Finance vs. Raymond W. Boncyk et al, foreclosure.
Charles T. Patton vs. Director of Industrial Commission of Ohio et al, dismissed.
Roseline D. Earwood et al vs. Brooke A. Trott et al, Matilda Trott only, dismissed.
Dart Trucking Inc. vs. The Aluminum Warehouse, settled.
Pamela Kotasek vs. Cynthia S. Cole, dismissed.
First Place Bank vs. Lavone G. Thomas et al, foreclosure.
Chase Manhattan Mortgage Corp. vs. Linda Thornton et al, foreclosure.
Mtg. Electronic Registration Systems vs. Charles M. Glacken et al, foreclosure and order of sale.
Utica Mutual Insurance vs. Mamdooh Shakhtra et al, default judgment for plaintiff.
First Nationwide Mortgage vs. Carol L. Redmond et al, dismissed.
Lionel Cortez vs. Ashley Maloy, dismissed.
Susan E. Potts vs. Cinemark USA, judgment for defendant.
David P. Cherney vs. Lyden Co. et al, settled.
Probate Court
Will of Shelby Heakin Hill: estate to mother, Nova Heakin Hill.
Will of Grover Scott Campman: estate to wife, Marjorie.
Will of Albert D. Anzalone Sr.: estate to wife, Josephine.
Will of Jean Jaffee: estate to husband, Michael, with specific bequests.
Real estate transfers
Wayman Paramore et al to Alvonser Lewis, Youngstown, $7,000.
Patricia Tsabaris to Robert J. Zackasee et al, Poland Twp., $17,000.
Manna Properties to Anthony McBride et al, Youngstown, $10,000.
Gary S. Mrakovich et al to Antonio Rivera et al, Campbell, $63,000.
Sharrott Road Development Corp. to Bertelli Homes Inc., Austintown Twp., $15,000.
Sharrott Road Development Corp. to Bertelli Homes Inc., Austintown Twp., $15,000.
Janet R. Stone to Ronald W. Carson et al, Canfield Twp., $128,000.
Janet R. Stone to Matthew Eknopp, Goshen Twp., $23,800.
Ramunno Builders Inc. to Frank R. Sedall et al, Poland Twp., $350,000.
Katharina Glerescher to Laurie A. Popovich, Boardman Twp., $85,000.
Mona Bechara to Scott A. Guiler et al, Youngstown, $30,000.
Todd E. Hawkins to Carolyn A. Carcelli, Canfield Twp., $66,900.
Jean L. Neiberline to Robert M. Speakman, Youngstown, $24,280.
Robert M. Speakman to Patrick F. O'Brien, Youngstown, $23,280.
Robert Sferra to Maureen Creager, Canfield Twp., $102,000.
FV-I Inc. to Jane E. Herbert, Youngstown, $10,500.
Kristy Berndt to Daniel Colaluca et al, Youngstown, $85,000.
Michael B. Rafidi to Aaron W. Rice, Youngstown, $38,275.