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Saturday, May 4, 2002

Marriage licenses
Robert H. Pugh, 33, of 2546 N. Redgate Lane, Youngstown, and Jennifer L. Miller, 24, of same.
Ronald J. Kaschak, 27, of Austintown, and Lisa A. Kirchner, 28, of Austintown.Randall S. Shields, 21, of 5055 Simon Road, Boardman, and Dawn G. Lamping, 22, of 4523 Rush Blvd., Boardman.
Charles E. Ripley, 52, of 14713 Mock Road, Berlin Center, and Patricia A. Davis, 39, of same.
Orlando H. James Jr., 26, of 433 W. Hylda Ave., Youngstown, and Natasha R. Queener, 28, of 196 Hamilton St., Campbell.
Michael E. Hackstedde, 27, of 175 Rocky Ledge, Struthers, and Nicole M. Nero, 27, of same.
Michael C. Lindeman, 25, of 4162 Shelby Road, Youngstown, and Kathryn R. Woods, 26, of same.
Probate court
Will of Marion A. Moser: estate to children, Howard E. Moser; with specific bequests.
Will of James R. Cavalier Sr.: estate to son, James R. Cavalier Jr.; with specific bequests.
Will of Michael Maloney: estate to daughter, Virginia Chockey; with specific bequests.
Real estate transfers
Edith A. McDonough to Bruce Trader Sr., Youngstown, $14,000.
BDLS Co. to WHC II Properties Ltd., Poland School District, $84,600.
Kenneth Graver et al to Christopher J. Connelly et al, Struthers, $46,000.
Martha J. Crowley to Carl A. Pasternack, Boardman Twp., $79,900.
Estate of W. Snyder dec'd. to Thomas J. Klopta et al, Youngstown, $90,000.
Marian E. Wiles to Kenneth Centofanti et al, Struthers, $29,900.
Eugenia Missik to Alvin E. Huffman et al, Austintown Twp., $84,000.
Herbert Grove et al to Clint A. Leonard et al, Jackson Twp., $905,000.
Donna McElroy to David Posey et al, Beaver Twp., $52,500.
John Ivan et al to Bruce W. Trader Sr. et al, Youngstown, $32,000.
Mark E. Wayne et al to Dwight Brunner et al, Smith Twp., $95,000.
First Equity Properties Inc. to Steven Sutton, Youngstown, $46,000.
Bankruptcies/Chapter 7
Patti L. Wasko, 1810 Paisley, Apt. 24, Youngstown, ; restaurant manager, Bob Evans; liabilities, $24,922; assets, $2,470.
Rose M. Matriardi, 740 5th St., Struthers; retired; liabilities, $87,049; assets, $34,805.
Douglas R. Leonard, 506 W.Como St., Struthers; frozen foods manager, Giant Eagle; liabilities, $89,287; assets, $64,500.
Terry R. and Jodi L. Roof, 9939 W. Western Reserve Road, Canfield; he: service tech., Price Heating; she: legal secretary, D'Apolito & amp; D'Apolito; liabilities, $153,717; assets, $129,075.
Neil A. and Amanda J. Peco, 189 Lowell Ave., Youngstown; he: delivery person, Best Buy Stores; she: fast food cashier, Arby's; liabilities, $51,958; assets, $42,295.
Adrian T. Douglas, 127 W. Myrtle, Youngstown; nurses assistant, Specialty Hospital of Mahoning Valley; liabilities, $17,676; assets, $4,120.
Cynthia A. Gibbs, 331 Marion Ave., Youngstown; secretary, Forum Health; liabilities, $39,985; assets, $3,406.
Brian J. Kukura, 2452 Timothy Knoll Lane, Youngstown; unemployed; liabilities, $98,009; assets, $13,424.
Jason P. Book, 334 1/2 Idlewood Road, Austintown; assembler, GMC; liabilities, $6,469; assets, $3,060.
Darrel A. and Carol E. Quarles, 700 Penhale Ave., Campbell;he: retired, GMC; she: personal service assistant, Trumbull County Board of MRDD; liabilities, $167,375; assets, $136,638.
Paul B. and Christine Curry, 31 West Drive, Lowellville; he: laborer, YSD Industries Inc.; she: clerk/bank teller, Dairy Mart/ Federal Credit Union; liabilities, $116,530; assets, $78,460.
Michael Jr. and Judy A. Glaros, 85 Leighton Ave., Boardman; he: truck driver, Falcon; she: none; liabilities,$108,476; assets, $79,200.
Crystal Little, 151 Argyle Ave., Youngstown; receptionist, State Farm Ins. Co.; liabilities, $276,464; assets, $50,850.
Brian D. Gries, 1245 S. Meridian Road, Youngstown; unemployed; liabilities, $17,277; assets, $69,350.
Carl J. and Deborah J. Sidoti, 14016 Azalea Drive, Newton Falls; he: security/Kaufmanns; she: unemployed; liabilities, $23,309; assets, $8,650.
Danielle McDonald, 1367 Maplecrest Drive, Austintown; pre-certification, Diagnostic Medical; liabilities, $90,763; assets, $37,038.
Donald Doyle, 4 Center Drive, North Lima; disability; liabilities, $17,803; assets, $3,577.
David W. and Linda S.Huffman, 29120 Maple St., Kensington; he: unemployed;she: homemaker; liabilities, $30,468; assets, $18,875.
Sally M. Campbell, 1026 Anderson Drive, Boardman; nurse, part-time; liabilities, $80,512; assets, $62,080.
Linda M. DiRocco, 2431 Bears Den Road, Youngstown; cashier, Giant Eagle; liabilities, $14,274; assets, $2,950.
Elmer G. Frame, 3511 Belden, Youngstown and Brenda L. Frame, 59 Manchester, Youngstown; he: millwright, North Star Steel; she: lab tech, North Star Steel; liabilities, $46,370; assets, $9,460.
Michael G. and Carla C. Coristin, 165 Wolcott Drive, Youngstown; he: wastewater plant operator, Mahoning County Sanitary Engineers; she: secretary/restaurant manager, Youngstown Board of Education, Ed/MVR Club, liabilities, $181,311; assets, $166,748.
Diane L. Comerford, 4660 Rhode Island Drive, Austintown; claims service specialist, State of Ohio/BWC; liabilities, $63,851; assets, $21,525.
Abdollah E. Rezapourian, 1653 Moorefield, Youngstown; self-employed; liabilities, $48,019; assets, $1,710.
Bankruptcies/ Chapter 13
Franklin D. Briggs, 138 Chicago St., Youngstown; service driver, GMC; liabilities, $37,537; assets, $26,680.
Samuel L. and Olga Irwin, 341 Randolph St., Youngstown; he: mechanci, self; she: disability; liabilities, $20,134; assets, $42,820.