State bureau seeking owners of $660M in unclaimed funds

GROVE CITY, Pa. -- If your name is Nytara C. Hosey and you used to live at 313 Quinby Street in Sharon, the state has $7,663 it wants to give you.
Actually, it's your money, not the state's, and it can be found in the Unclaimed Property Bureau of the state treasurer's office.
Treasurer Barbara Hafer said representatives of that bureau will be returning cash and other assets to local residents at the Grove City Chamber of Commerce Trade Show in the Physical Learning Center at Grove City College from 10 a.m. to 6 p.m. Saturday.
Nytara Hosey is one of a number of local people the state is looking for.
"Our outreach program has been very successful in helping us return unclaimed property to its rightful owners," Hafer said.
Preparations: The treasury representatives will be equipped with laptop computers able to determine, on the spot, if visitors have unclaimed property and a notary will be available to expedite the claims process.
Hafer said about one in every 14 Pennsylvanians is entitled to some of the $660 million on the unclaimed property books and the average claim is $1,000.
The property comes from businesses required to turn over to the state assets that have been abandoned for seven years.
It could be in the form of dormant bank accounts, stocks or dividends, uncashed payroll checks, uncollected utility deposits or even safe deposit box contents.