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Monday, February 11, 2002

1st--Stuka's Tale (Zimmer.)30.8014.209.80
Veazey (D.Parker)9.005.00
Wind Treader (D.Whitney)5.40
Off 7:01. Time 1:16.57. Good. Also Ran--Fino, Number One Hammer, Cody Man West, Morley Blasius, Successfull Mike, Alex Programmer, Ceesharp.
Perfecta (9-7) paid $284.80.
Trifecta (9-7-3) paid $2,546.20.
2nd--Otherpeoples (Eads)5.604.203.60
Musical Value (J.Stokes)7.804.60
Found a Nickle (D.McFadden)5.20
Off 7:26. Time 1:16.73. Good. Also Ran--Hy Proud Buddy, Eagle Eye Cherry, Patsy's Prospector, Bookkillrr, Its a Ringer, Our First Furrari, Jodhpur.
Daily Double (9-9) paid $88.60.
Perfecta (9-3) paid $45.60.
Trifecta (9-3-6) paid $168.00.
3rd--Premier Style (G.Birzer)6.604.003.40
Instant Charmer (R.Zimmerman)4.603.20
Assert N Future (D.Parker)4.40
Off 7:51. Time 1:09.77. Good. Also Ran--Marja, Dixie Beauty, Flying Chicken, Pirate's Gem, Harpiel, Double Highball, Lady Kidnapper.
Perfecta (7-4) paid $33.
Trifecta (7-4-1) paid $188.60.
4th--Goin' South (D.McFadden)8.604.203.40
Jan's Fighter (M.Rowland)3.402.80
Sunny's Star (B.Marcial)3.20
Off 8:16. Time 1:08.32. Good. Also Ran--King Caspian, Time to Digress, Doctor John, Little Hoppy, Holding Time, Checker Boy Coy, Moonsight.
Perfecta (6-2) paid $28.80.
Trifecta (6-2-5) paid $167.20.
5th--Tenfortynine (D.Parker)18.407.203.60
Fight Away (R.Allen, Jr.)7.203.40
Medina Ridge (W.Otero)2.60
Off 8:41. Time 1:47.40. Good. Also Ran--Dancer's Twist, Lucky Pogo, Hagen's Mug, Machiavelli, Twice Striped, Departing Dynamo, Obey B.
Pick 3 (7-6-4) 3 Correct paid $377.20.
Superfecta (4-5-2-10) paid $3,375.20.
Trifecta (4-5-2) paid $357.60.
Perfecta (4-5) paid $105.20.
6th--Mt. Discovery (D.Whitney)7.403.402.60
Old Forest (D.Parker)3.002.60
Doniphan (D.McFadden)3.80
Off 9:06. Time 1:52.72. Good. Scratched--East, Thunderinthehills. Also Ran--In My Prime, Itsasimplething, Lord Sexton, No Clue, Glen Cove.
Perfecta (9-2) paid $19.40.
Trifecta (9-2-8) paid $84.80.
7th--Monica (R.Prescott)18.609.208.00
Soteras Queen (C.Murphy)8.007.20
Right On Course (D.Whitney)9.40
Off 9:31. Time 1:16.61. Muddy. Also Ran--In Mahmoud, Bow Bow, La Nina C F, Zephyr Morn, Widow's Whirl, Sly Dancer, Honor Queen.
Perfecta (8-6) paid $188.60.
Trifecta (8-6-3) paid $2,084.40.
8th--Tonto Gusto (J.Stokes)4.802.802.60
Mt. Bellewood (D.Whitney)3.602.60
Singing Sam (G.Birzer)8.40
Off 9:56. Time 1:07.22. Muddy. Also Ran--Runaway Jet, Waybil, Salutee, Tamarisk, Mort, Heron's Franklin.
Pick 3 (9-8-3) 3 Correct paid $205.80.
Trifecta (3-4-1) paid $203.20.
Perfecta (3-4) paid $19.
9th--Classic Place (McFadden)9.805.604.00
Goonwithitjones (R.Zimmerman)6.605.00
Brick of Gold (G.Birzer)10.20
Off 10:21. Time 1:09.86. Muddy. Also Ran--Pete's Revenge, Steamboat Road, Circle B Boy, Brass Dixie, Bet Your Point, Deep Run, Wileaway Kelly.
Daily Double (3-7) paid $34.40.
Perfecta (7-4) paid $92.20.
Superfecta (7-4-9-6) paid $2,000.20.
Trifecta (7-4-9) paid $704.20.
Attendance: 2,872. $1,242,931.
Handle: $62,159.
Total Handle: $1,305,090.
11th--Roney Returns (Case)3.002.602.20
North Wind (Pantaleano)5.603.60
Stormy Osborne (Sturgeon) 2.60
Exacta 1-3 paid $13.
Trifecta 1-3-9 paid $62.80.
Pick Three 3 of 3 paid $57.40.
12th--Mariah's Cyclone (JP)5.603.002.20
Double Down (Case Jr)3.002.20
Mr Peabody (Tharps) 2.20
Exacta 4-6 paid $22.
Trifecta 4-6-1 paid $82.
13th--Barefootinthesand (Case)3.202.402.10
Hes Back (Grismore)4.003.00
Clockwork Hanover (Sturgeon) 3.60
Exacta 2-9 paid $12.80.
Trifecta 2-9-3 paid $128.20.
14th--Rackem's Road (Case)
Sand Big Magic (S Schillaci)4.804.00
Satin Affair (R Tharps) 6.40
Exacta 4-5 paid $46.20.
Trifecta 4-5-2 paid $321.
Superfecta 4-5-2-3 paid $1,804.40.
Pick Three 3 of 3 paid $66.20.
Pick Four 4 of 4 paid $94.
Attendance: 3,387.
Handle: $1,376,305.
1st--PACE, NW200PS LC, 2,000, 1 MI
Art Supply, J Fout; Road House, L Merriman; Ronson, E Deaton; The Vicar, C Wyers; Wakeshire Wyatt, J Pantaleano; No Son of Mine, R Tharps.
2nd--TROT, NW2PMCD LC, 3,500, 1 MI
Striking Sunset, W Case Jr; R Memory Maker, G Grismore; Miss Erica, S Cox; Free Flower, D Hawk; N V Jay, D Ward; H J's Tin Cup, J Pantaleano; Willie's Intern, R Tharps.
3rd--PACE, NW200PS LC, 2,000, 1 MI
Under The Wire, J Pantaleano; Topnotch Tucson, G Grismore; Ulterior Motive, W Case Jr; Pc Powered, D Mc Kirgan; Amicable Pact, B Sturgeon; Gray Flyer, D Hawk; True Blue, D Ward.
4th--PACE, 3000CLCD, 2,000, 1 MI
Hustlin Kash, K Kash; Fast and Easy, W Case Jr; Budmight, J Pantaleano; Arthur Hanover, D Fisher; Knoteworthy Wolf, R Tharps; Freddy Spaghetti, C Wyers; Happy Listening, D Ward; Shy Roller, E Deaton; Goldenshot Killean, G Grismore.
5th--TROT, NW2PMCD LC, 3,500, 1 MI
Here She Comes, W Case Jr; Truthful, G Grismore; Repeat, D Mc Kirgan; Molly Dolly, R Tharps; Gimme Gimme Gimme, D Hawk; Lilian's Laser, C Wyers; Come On Abby, R Ogg Jr.
6th--TROT, NW200PSCD, 2,000, 1 MI
Dancer Prancer, C Myrick; Ma Barker, W Case Jr; Jerrod Coy, J Pantaleano; Don't Inquire, D Hawk; Red Oaks Sparkie, E Deaton; Happy Evergreen, B Sturgeon; Super Plato, R Tharps; Springchip, C Umholtz; Windswept Moonbeam, G Grismore.
7th--PACE, FMNW200PS, 2,000, 1 MI
Almahurst Savvy, R Tharps; Hoosier Miles, D Hawk; Squashit Bluegrass, E Deaton; Precocious Society, D Ward; Tracker's Cam, G Grismore; I'myourhuckleberry, W Case Jr; Gray Watch, C Wyers; Irish Way, J Fout; Miss Julie B, J Pantaleano.
8th--PACE, FMNW300PS, 3,000, 1 MI
Wakeshire Willow, J Pantaleano; Aubra's Magic Chip, C Wyers; Barefoot Osborne, D Ward; Foxhome Edition, E Deaton; Swift Passion, D Guptill; Engaging Spirit, W Case Jr; Femina Macho, D Hawk; Town Watch, G Grismore; Tucson Susie, R Tharps.
9th--TROT, NW2PMCD LC, 3,500, 1 MI
Marjoto, B Sturgeon; A T T Princess, D Hawk; Abe's Memorial, J Pantaleano; Mac Angela K, W Case Jr; The Lady's Unreal, D Ward; Scotty Hill, G Grismore; Tax The Balance, R Tharps.
10th--PACE, NW300PSCD, 3,000, 1 MI
Darearebo, W Case Jr; Eldorado Sam, D Ward; Windy Beach, W Irvine; Albert's Angel, C Wyers; Don't Question Me, G Grismore; Go Go Gold, R Tharps; Hunter Todd, J Pantaleano; Rj Precious, D Hawk; Sportsmaster Joey, S Schillaci.
11th--PACE, 10000CLNW4, 3,600, 1 MI
Khanty, B Sturgeon; Camerons Future, W Case Jr; Reasonable Doubt, R Tharps; Dangerous Truth, S Schillaci; Three Lump's, J Fout; Tricky Surprise, G Grismore; Jimmy Letsgo, D Hawk; Patternity, J Pantaleano; Two Tails, D Ward.
12th--TROT, NW2PMCD LC, 3,500, 1 MI
Bf Charlie, J Fout; Mcgee Hee, D Hawk; Devo Hanover, J Pantaleano; Two Days Bad News, W Irvine; Giant Surprise, G Grismore; Lo and Behold, S Schillaci; Anastasia Avenger, W Case Jr; Soupbone Bob, R Tharps.
13th--PACE, 6000CL NW2, 2,400, 1 MI
Currently Baked, R Tharps; Noble Streak, G Grismore; Cathrina Uhl, J Glessner; Beloved Trinket, C Wyers; Three Jewel's, D Hawk; This Way Hanover, T Jones; Shadow of Grey, W Case Jr; Mr White Choice, J Pantaleano; Torrential, K Kash.
14th--PACE, 5000CL, 3,000, 1 MI
Equitability, M Grismore; Hornby Topgun, B Sturgeon; Osborne's Falcon, W Case Jr; Neondion Bluegrass, D Ward; Hobart Hylight, G Grismore; My Siren, J Pantaleano; Ted The Kid, T Hall; Freeway Hanover, D Hawk; Kentucky Tross, E Deaton;