Man foils theft at construction site

CANFIELD -- Mahoning County deputy sheriffs arrested two men who they say tried to steal a trailer full of tools from a construction site on Linden Place.
The suspects, a 21-year-old Boardman man and a 33-year-old Youngstown man, were both charged with breaking and entering, attempted grand theft and vandalism. The Youngstown man also faces a charge of driving under the influence.
Deputies were called to a construction site on Linden Place about 10 p.m. Wednesday by a man who said he saw two men trying to remove a trailer from the site.
The witness said he heard loud noises coming from the site, and when he went outside, he saw two men trying to tow the trailer out of a garage with their pickup truck.
The two men fled when they spotted the witness. The trailer had become stuck against a wall, and as a result, it could not be moved.
Deputies later spotted a similar truck on a street near Linden Place. The witness identified the men in the truck as the men who tried to steal the trailer.
Deputies said a scanner they found in the truck was tuned to police frequencies.

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