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Friday, October 26, 2001

Mahoning County
Lester Scott, 41, and Shauna Berry Scott, 39, both of Elm Street, Youngstown, were indicted Thursday by a Mahoning County grand jury on charges of cocaine trafficking, possessing crack cocaine and drug possession. City police say they found crack cocaine during a search of their home earlier this week. They also found syrup bottles filled with Tussinex, which is a prescription cough syrup, marijuana and prescription pills. Nearly 25 separately packaged bags of crack were reportedly found in Ms. Scott's bra. Also indicted were:
Jesus Dehostas, 47, South Pearl Street, Youngstown; failure to comply with a police order.Freda S. Conner, 36, Fairgreen Avenue, Youngstown; 2 counts of cocaine possession.Tunisia Hereez, 26, North Lakeview Avenue, Youngstown; carrying concealed weapons.Jauwan L. Tate, 23, Chicago Avenue, Youngstown; carrying concealed weapons, illegal possession of weapons.David Johns, 20, Lora Avenue, Youngstown; cocaine trafficking.Derrick L. Shields, 26, West Delason Avenue, Youngstown; cocaine possession.Whister Winford, 21, Ridge Avenue, Youngstown; cocaine possession.Sherry M. Johnson, 30, East Lucius Avenue, Youngstown; sexual battery.
Source: Mahoning County clerk of courts