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BECKY SHER | Hype Company has colors to dye for

Thursday, October 25, 2001

Ever wonder if the Osbournes secretly own stock in hair dye? Dying your hair seems like just an everyday thing in that family -- we get up in the morning and brush our teeth; they decide whether they're in the mood for fuschia or platinum.
But if the family's unique style catches your fancy, you'll want to acquaint yourself with Manic Panic, a company that's been making hair dye and punk makeup colors since before you were born. In 1977, sisters Tish and Snooky Bellomo, former backup singers for Blondie, decided to share their love of punk style with the world, and they opened a New York boutique called Manic Panic. Their crazy colors caught on, and -- ta-dah -- more than two decades later, they're hawking their wares in thousands of stores nationwide.
And don't worry, if semi-permanent hair color in Atomic Turquoise and Vampire Red isn't your thing, Manic Panic offers options for the more timid. The best of the bunch are N.Y. Glam Strips -- strips of real human hair (that creeps us out a little) dyed in the company's trademark colors. They're attached to tiny clips, so you can detach them when you're feeling a little less flamboyant. And you can get 'em for just about 10 bucks. Curious? Head to for product info, tips for using Manic Panic products and info on where to buy.
Shock to the system
Maybe someday we'll live in a world where Starbucks is in every high school. (At the rapid rate at which the coffee shops are opening, it won't be too much longer.) But until then, you may be looking for a quick jolt that's a little more portable. Enter Shock-A-Lots. They're yummy chocolate-covered coffee beans infused with an extra dose of caffeine to give you a little shock whenever and wherever you need it.
The caffeine bombshells come from a company called Extreme Coffee, which prides itself on offering super-caffeinated coffee in many formats, from hyper-charged beans to Shock Lattes, blended sweetened coffee drinks that taste like dessert. We're partial to the Shock-A-Lots for one obvious reason: the chocolate. And did we mention the punch that these guys pack? A two-ounce tube of the beans contains the same amount of caffeine as five cups of coffee! Go online to, where four two-ounce tubes will set you back $10. You can also look for a store near you. After all, you'll be awake at all hours of the night. What else are you going to do?
Think pink
Wanna look good AND feel good? During October, tons of companies are donating part of their sales to breast cancer research. Pick up one of these products and join the fight:
USephora Lip Laquer No. 9: A groovy pink lip gloss that's smooth and shiny. Sephora will donate $5 of each $15 sale to the Big Bam Foundation, which provides mammograms and treatment to uninsured women.
UPhilosophy Remember: During October, all of the proceeds from this $20 3-in-1 shampoo/conditioner/body wash go to the Cedars-Sinai Women's Cancer Institute.
UStila Lip Glaze: Stila is offering a new addition to its line of popular lip glazes. A portion of each $24 sale of the shimmery gloss will be donated to The Breast Cancer Research Foundation.
UTony & amp; Tina lip gloss in Cura: You'll love this pink lip gloss, and half of your $14 purchase will go to New York Fashion Cares, a charity that funds breast-cancer screenings and treatment for medically underserved women.
Head to for details on all of these products. And pat yourself on the back -- your new lip gloss just put the world one step closer to a cure.
XBecky Sher writes Hype for Knight Ridder/Tribune News Service. You can write to her at