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A better school board means better education

Tuesday, October 23, 2001

A better school board means better education
One of the questions the citizens of Jackson-Milton School District should be asking themselves when they go into the voting booths on Nov. 6, is this: "How can we give all of the children a good education in our outdated public schools?" One answer is to make some major changes in the character of the present Jackson-Milton school board.
Ohio's many local school boards are voted into place to guide and assist their entire school system in achieving and perfecting effective teaching methods and styles. The goals should be to aid the faculty in the designing of new courses, while refining and improving the existing ones.
In my opinion, the overall attitudes regarding "educational values" by several of the present board members have only added to the district's problems instead of seeking out and finding acceptable solutions. The main focus of the school board should be the willingness to set and achieve higher educational standards, not simply keep a tight grip and control on the money issues and the constant pursuit of failed ideas.
The teachers at Jackson-Milton in their knowledge and skills are a normal teacher mix, good, bad and indifferent. But they are way above average in their work ethic and capacity to care about their children's education.
All that's needed now is a new school board with the same outlook and agenda as the educators. Kids in such an environment may once again feel that school and educational achievements are important. When higher standards are met, new school facilities will follow.
North Jackson
Perpetrators of hoaxes deserve tough sentences
I understand that a lot of sick, brainless copy-catters are putting some form of powder in some envelopes. If they are caught, the judicial system should charge them with the maximum penalty, no matter what. Charge them with the same charge you would a terrorist.
They don't think about how it affects the mail, police, Hazmat teams, inspectors, or the people who find this stupid hoax. These slow-thinking people do not have a heart.
So I am suggesting that all state courts smack these air-heads in the face with such a jail sentence that they will need the powder to talcum their wrinkled bodies by the time they get out of prison.
Being thankful for the kindness of strangers
A car hit our 15-year-old dog recently on Meridian Road. That in itself was very traumatic. However, the reason for my letter is to thank the thoughtful people who stopped to help an old dog and a stranger.
The person who hit our dog did not stop but I would like to thank the young girl who did stop in the middle of the road to make sure no one else hit her. Thank you, too, to the gentlemen who donated his blanket and the Austintown policeman who directed the traffic.
Thank you to the wonderful nurse who stopped with her first aid kit to try to save our dog and followed me to the vet, and the other two wonderful ladies who went with me to the vet.
The world is a crazy place but in our community we have beautiful caring people.
My family and I truly thank you all for your kindness and for taking time out of your lives to help a stranger. God bless you all.