Taliban and Nazis have far too much in common

In its relentless attacks on human rights, Afghanistan's ruling Taliban militia -- not content with its medieval restrictions on women, not satisfied with destroying centuries-old statues of Buddha, not fulfilled by imposing a horrific and warped view of Islam on its people -- has now conjured the specter of Nazi Germany by requiring the minority Hindu population to wear a piece of yellow cloth on shirt pockets.In case anyone thought the situation could not get worse in Afghanistan, the Taliban proves how vile a regime it maintains.
Taliban's religious police -- officially, the Ministry for the Promotion of Virtue and Prevention of Vice -- would have the world believe that these markers are simply to shield Hindus from having to obey Islamic law. And if you believe that, you'll believe that the Nazis made Jews wear yellow Stars of David to protect them from the stormtroopers.
Religious terrorism: The Afghan Hindus are rightfully terrified. A government that advocates stoning to death women who dare spend time with a man not her brother, husband or father, or that mandates beating men who trim their beards, cannot be expected to stop with the identification of minority groups. Of the few Hindus who have remained in Afghanistan, many are concerned that the labels will mark them as targets for violence.
Although many modern Islamic nations regard the Taliban as sullying the image of Islam around the world, few Muslims have spoken out against the fanaticism perpetrated by the militia group which now controls 95 percent of Afghanistan.
Last week, armed members of Taliban's religious police closed down an Italian-funded hospital and beat its staff for allegedly allowing men and women to eat together. Earlier this week the government closed four of six United Nation's offices in Afghanistan to protest international sanctions brought on by its likely sponsorship of terrorism.
As drought and famine wrack Afghanistan, the people are desperate for relief. Even the United States has appropriated money for food. What's really needed is Taliban's overthrow, but a hungry, terrified population can't fend for itself let alone defend itself.