Hints help female politicians dress for leadership roles

NEW YORK (AP )-- The look of leadership for a successful female politician must convey wisdom, authority and an easygoing attitude. The editors of Mademoiselle magazine worked with image consultants and political strategists to come up with the ideal look for a woman who wants to be elected president.
Their tips:
U"Professional" hair -- short, off-the-face and brunette.
UGray eyeshadow, not frosted.
UCrow's feet suggest an easygoing attitude and wisdom, but too many equal a lack of vitality.
U"Serious" lips wear neutral and dark shades. Vivid reds are too sexy.
UShort nails, manicured for femininity and short for shaking hands.
UEarrings and a watch that are classic, not flashy. (Think pearl earrings and a thin gold watch.)
UNo purse. A bag gets in the way.
USize 12. Any skinnier signals frailty, any heavier might be seen as a sign that she lacks self-control.
USkirt suits in conservative colors, including blue which suggests trustworthiness.
UPumps that are high quality, not status conscious.