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IN THE CUP! Area Holes in One

Sunday, August 12, 2001

Kenneth Williams of Lisbon aced the 105-yard No. 2 hole at Beaver Creek Golf Course. He used a pitching wedge. Witnesses were Terry Cunningham of Steubenville, Bill Smith of East Liverpool and Kenny Cowdrey of East Liverpool.
Michael Smallwood, 17, of Girard shot a hole in one on a 72-yard hole on the Cane Patch Par-3 course in Myrtle Beach with a pitching wedge. He was playing with Kevin Brown and Dale Smallwood.
Carol Kirsch of Mineral Ridge made ace on the 115-yard 9 hole using a 6 iron at Meander Golf Course. Witnesses were Wesley Vunjak and Michael Vunjak.
Choong Hong Kim of Cleveland made a hole-in-one on the No. 12 hole at Avalon Lakes Golf Course in Howland. She aced the 96-yard hole using a 6-iron. It was the first hole-in-one at Avalon Lakes since the course was redesigned.The witnesses were Ms. Chang Hum Kim and Mrs. Dae Hyum Band.
Paul Gbur of Lowellville, aced the 210-yard No. 4 on Rolling Hills Golf Course with a 5-wood. Witnesses were Henry Sikora, Bob Shaffer and Mike Albright.
Buz Buzzacco made a hole-in-one with a 5-wood on the 182-yard No. 13 hole at Salem Hills Golf Course. Witnesses were Bob Tomko, Mike Tomko, Smokey Scandy and Mike Baugh.
Jon Lenton of Boardman made a hole-in-one on the South Course at Mill Creek Golf Course. He aced the No. 7 hole using a 7-iron. It was his first ace. Witnessing the shot was Mike Ferrante.
Robert Pignanelli of Girard aced the No. 3 hole at Tamer Win Golf Course in Cortland. He used an 8-iron on the 139-yard hole, his first ever ace. Witnessing the shot were Joseph Pignanelli Sr., David Pignanelli and Joe Pignanelli.
Bill Lovitz recorded a hole-in-one on the 80-yard fifth hole at Meander Golf Course, using a pitching wedge. The shot was witnessed by Tom Stanley and George Lovitz.
Gary Holbrook aced the 120-yard third hole at Meander Golf Course, using a sand wedge. Witnesses were Rick Hammond and Ken Thomas.
Dan Witham aced the 115-yard No. 16 hole with a sand wedge on Thursday at Dogwood Golf Course. Witnesses were Josh MacMillan and Luke Gealy.
Mathew Dangle of Salem aced the 145-yard eighth hole at Salem Hills Country Club, using a 6-iron. The shot was witnessed by his father, Jeff Dangle.
Jim Little of Youngstown aced the 115-yard 16th hole at Dogwood Golf Course with a pitching wedge. The shot was witnessed by Don Morrison.
Ron Hetrick of Girard aced the 167-yard second hole at Mahoning Country Club with a 6-iron. The shot was witnessed by Mike Mikulich.
James Kupec of Youngstown aced the 176-yard 18th hole at Mahoning Country Club with a 7-iron. The shot was witnessed by Pat Fry.