Marriage licenses
Michael J. Maloney Jr., 21, of 1093 N. Hubbard Road, Lowellville, and Sarah M. Fidram, 20, of 1093 N. Hubbard Road, Lowellville.
Robert K. Davis, legal age, of 3310 Cricket Drive, Youngstown, and Eleanor M. Krcelic, legal age, of 56-2 E. Western Reserve, Poland.
James G. Leonard, 27, of 6591 Appleridge, Boardman, and Amy L. Spin, 26, of 5541 Mill Creek Blvd., Boardman.
Mitchell Charles Jr., 46, of 238 E. Leasure Ave. No. 2, New Castle, Pa., and Rana H. Abbas, 39, of 6711 West Blvd., Boardman.
Shane W. Barnes, 31, of 5720 Sheridan Road, Poland, and Tammy A. Woods, 31, of same.
Divorces asked
Sherry F. Johnson, 271 N. 15th St., Sebring, vs. Danny L. Johnson, c/o Country Squire Motel, 22150 Harrisburg-Westville Road, Alliance.
Dorothy M. Terlesky, 3936 Cannon Road, Austintown, vs. Alex G. Terlesky, 1033 Beachwood, Girard.
Michael A. Cizmar, 8086 Forest Lake Drive No. 7, Boardman, vs. Patrice F. Cizmar, 3033 Indian Run, Canfield.
Jerry Howell, 2482 Queen City Avenue No. 4, Cincinnati, vs. Noni Howell, 900 Ridge Road, Youngstown.
Michael P. Diamantis aka Michael P. Diamantes, 38 E. Lucius Ave., Youngstown, vs. Kimberly A. Diamantis aka Kimberly A. Diamantes, 492 Fourth St., Struthers.
Tina M. Johnson, 6605 Harvest Ridge, Austintown, vs. James N. Johnson, 6605 Harvest Ridge, Austintown.
Charles M. Bechara Jr., 105 Ridgewood Drive, Boardman, vs. Kristyn E. Essad, 180 Northview Drive, Canfield.
Dissolutions asked
Brad A. Harlan, 111 W. Texas Ave., Sebring, and Lori L. Harlan, 34 Carter Circle No. 4, Boardman.
Jennie Bullard aka Jennie Daniels, 89 S. Prospect Ave., Youngstown, and James Daniels, 89 South Prospect Ave., Youngstown.
New complaints
Cendant Mortgage Corp. vs. Robert Gonzalez et al, foreclosure.
Carl E. Hunt vs. Admin. BWC et al, notice of appeal.
May B. Turner et al vs. Lyn E. Yacubov, M.D. et al, money.
First Place Bank et al vs. Shalimar L. Jones et al, foreclosure.
First Place Bank et al vs. Jacqueline L. Gore et al, foreclosure.
Salomon Brothers Realty Corp. vs. Yvonne E. Taylor aka Yvonne Beason et al, money, foreclosure and relief.
GMAC vs. Melvin Vaughn, motion for order of possession.
Probate court
Will of James M. Blystone: estate to wife, Gerryanne.
Will of Dorothy M. Davis: estate to daughter, Tina M. Smith.
Will of Muriel O. Bair: estate to daughters, Dolores A. Snyder and Diana E. Pierce, with specific bequests.
Will of Clara H. Sagy: estate to children, William J., Judy A. and Joseph T. Sagy.
Will of Joaquin C. Holstein: estate to trustee, with specific bequests.
Will of Evelyn L. Quinn: estate to children, David J. Maguire and Maryann Gilmer.
Will of Elizabeth Kuchta: estate to nieces and nephews, Dolores Kolar, Mary Ann Hamracek, Lillian Mastran, Verona Salamon, Sophie Michel, Mary Chekan, Michael Hamracek, Gerald Holecko, Michael Naster, Joseph Stefanek and Richard Cook.
Will of Margaret M. Vitko: estate to Joann L. Byers, Shirley A. Dunlap, Nicole L. Haefke, Jaime P. Tabor and Heather L. Tabor, with specific bequests.
Will of Dolores Cox: estate to sons, Robert L. and Kenneth L., with specific bequests.
Will of Eva Bocchiardi: estate to nephew, Eliseo Lucente.
Will of John V. DiPiero: estate to sisters, Sue Tursini and Mary Siciliano, with specific bequests.
Real estate transfers
James A. Tanner to Michael L. Schenk et al, Smith Twp., $51,000.
Joseph MacBenn et al to Lesa J. Mosson, Austintown Twp., $50,300.
Barry L. Douglass et al to Joe Cioffie et al, Boardman Twp., $172,500.
Richard S. Wilson et al to Michael J. Lascola et al, Boardman Twp., $79,000.
Edward L. Hull et al to Jody Scarfone, Youngstown, $67,900.
Beneficial Mortgage Co. to Richard W. Evans et al, Youngstown, $22,000.
Stephen J. Kusmus et al to Jeremy K. Chapman et al, Boardman Twp., $135,550.
Thomas M. Mamula et al to Thomas Gierlach et al, Canfield Twp., $87,000.
James C. Stango to Kathryn Clasen, Austintown Twp., $132,400.
Margaret Harris to Jason Neapolitan, Youngstown, $19,000.
Master Plan Builders Inc. to Robert A. Law et al, Boardman Twp., $178,650.
Frank W. Marino et al to Charles L. Walker et al, Youngstown, $65,000.
Developing World Trading Co. Inc. to Don R. Brothers, Youngstown, $450,000.
Bankruptcies/Chapter 7
Crystal Lee Nadrich, 857 Trailwood, Boardman; radiation therapist, St. Elizabeth Health Center; liabilities, $134,362; assets, $2,150.
David Terzek, 6795 Finland Road, Youngstown; self-employed; liabilities, $545,726; assets, $2,150.
Robert M. III and Antia J. Carson, 4289 Lanterman Road, Youngstown; he: supervisor, Youngstown Pipe & amp; Supply Co.; she: homemaker; liabilities, $22,443; assets, $31,825.
Joanne E. Brenner, 408 W. Harvey, Struthers; baker, Giant Eagle; liabilities, $130,676; assets, $96,000.
Bankruptcies/ Chapter 13
O'Dell and Shunit Eargle, Youngstown; he: correctional counselor, federal prison; she: none; liabilities, $145,950; assets, $109,725.
Arthur J. Shaffer, 39331 Center Ave., Lisbon; foreman, Harold Tool; liabilities, $9,598; assets, $600.
Dana L. and Eugenia K. Sturgeon, Lusk Lock Road, Lisbon; he: welder, Columbiana Boiler; she: cashier, Giant Eagle; liabilities, $91,518; assets, $54,050.
Donald P. and Debra A. Pritchard, 7425 Sierra Madre, Boardman; he: unemployed; she processor, United; liabilities, $60,193; assets, $50,925.
Alfred I. Norton, 630 Fairmont Ave., Youngstown; retired; liabilities, $66,200; assets, $83,410.
Anna Marie Barton, 135 Beechwood St., East Liverpool; showroom helper, Interforest; liabilities, $24,300; assets, $800.

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