Marriage licenses
James M. Perry, 28, of 8460 Morningside Drive, Poland, and Tiffany A. Davenport, 30, of same.
Bill G. Burns, 63, of 4626 Fitzgerald, Austintown and Jo Ann L. Griffin, 55, of same.
Jose A. Hernandez, 30, of 44 N. Jackson St., Youngstown, and Katheline Gonzalez, 32, of same.
Richard L. Noble, 34, of 7998 Sigle Lane, Poland, and Karen L. Stille, 42, of same.
Michael A. Liberato, 29, of 3705 Fairway Drive, Canfield, and Dara C. Tringhese, 24, of 2855 Mellgren Drive S.W., Warren.
Thomas Campbell, 42, of 116 Market St., Cortland, and Marleah, R. Stanish, 41, of 3434 Wayside Drive, Youngstown.
Alejandro Chavarriage, 58, of 7006 Mill Creek Blvd., Boardman, and Marianne E. Earnest, 45, of same.
Jimmie A. Lanfair II, 34, of 5820 Tangerine Lane, Okeechobee, Fla., and Kelly A. Logan, 22, of same.
Richard L. Heydle, 38, of 516 Fithian, Youngstown, and Cynthia S. Stephens, 36, of same.
Norman M. Gallagher, 23, of 1267 Bexley Drive, Austintown, and Richelle M. Bartholomew, 24, of same.
Duncan A. MacDonald, 26, of 4055 South Ave., No. 9, Boardman, and Michelle S. Phillips, 33, of same.
Jeffrey A. Culp, 25, of 1675 Westwind Place, Austintown, and Trisha A. Smith, 25, of 5127 Elmwood, Austintown.
Jon M. Hendricks, 24, of 1635 S. Meridian Road, Youngstown, and Kerri E. Saltsman, 25, of 6076 Callaway Circle, Austintown.
Christopher L. Collins, legal age, of 3729 Tyler Drive, Canfield, and Judy A. Nagy, legal age, of same.
Divorces asked
Robert W. Bannon, 421 Glenwoods Court, Boardman vs. Janet L. Bannon, 5235 Columbiana Road, New Springfield.
Laura L. Soltis Pecchia, 4028 Sheridan Road, Youngstown vs. Alfonso Pecchia, 564 12th St., Campbell.
James L. Soker, 126 Clarencedale, Youngstown vs. Sabrina A. Bender, 14 Cherry St., Riverdale, Neb.
Mary Jean Nickels, 453 N. Four Mile Run Road, Youngstown vs. Daniel L. Nickels, 936 Warren Ave., Niles.
Dissolutions asked
Richard W. Ranshaw Jr. , 6466 Ridgeview Road, Youngstown and Cheryl Ann Ranshaw, 3148 Meanderwood Drive, Canfield.
Venerina V. Fabry, 2572 S. Hubbard Road, Lowellville and Thomas Fabry, 2572 S. Hubbard Road, Lowellville.
Jason Cole, 1919 Wingate road, Boardman, and Theresa Cole, 5103 Firnley Ave., Boardman.
Cynthia Minor, 558 Roxbury, Youngstown and Albert L. Minor, 3431 Sheridan Road, Youngstown.
New complaints
Nuvell Credit Corp. vs. Puella Jones, money.
Linda M. Fanfer vs. Thomas N. Detesco M.D. et al, medical malpractice.
Bank of New York as trustee vs. Mark Mallen et al, foreclosure.
Alliance Mortgage Co. vs. Ellen M. Branch et al, money.
James Wallace et al vs. Chad Makar et al, money.
Robert Strojny vs. Michael Strojny et al, money.
Richard Petrella R. Ph. vs. The Ohio State Board of Pharmacy, notice of appeal.
GMAC vs. Robert Sanders, money.
C.P.C.S. vs. Rasmtech Industries Inc. money.
EMC Mort. Corp. vs. William Dejesus et al, foreclosure.,
Chase Manhattan Bank vs. Donald L. Beach et al, foreclosure.
National City Bank vs., Calvin C. Roby, money.
William Vaughn vs. Bruce Haddle, money.
Sky Bank vs. Verna Erwin et al, foreclosure.
Sky Bank vs. Anthony Cabuno et al, money.
Sky Bank vs. Henry E. Fleischer, money.
Sky Bank vs. Tersaja L. Elliott et al, money.
Sky Bank vs., James J. DeChellis, Jr., money.
The Marion Plaza Inc. vs. American Memories Inc., money.
Robert A. Katula et al vs. Stambaugh Hardware et al, money.
Progressive Ins. Co., vs. Michael Prokop, money.
Jennifer Weaver vs. The Tamarkin Co. et al, complaint in appeal.
The Leader Mortgage Co. vs. Donna K. Moore et al, foreclosure.
Deborah D.Hudson co-admr. of the estate of Dustin Matthew Kleinman, dec'd. vs. Harv's Cars et al, money.
Store Systems & amp; Service Inc,. vs. Acme Steak Co., money.
Century Business Services Inc. vs. Nemenz Oil Co. et , money.
Stacy L. Kello admr. of the estate of Michael P. Booker vs. Pal Joey's Bar et al, money,
Ameriquest Mort. Co. vs. Peter Triveri et al, money.
U.S. Bank National Assoc. vs. Yolanda M. Jones et al, money.
Marsha Danadic et al vs. Marvin Barnes, money.
Karen R. DeSalvo et al vs. Robin Carr, money.
Michael e. Spier et al, vs. Sharon M. Maloney et al, money.
Carol L. Romigh et al vs. William J. Simons et al, money.
Vincent Vitucci et al vs. The Stambaugh Co., money..
Citizens Financial Services Inc. vs. Joseph E. Patton et al, money.
John B. Reardon treas. vs. Safe Way Investments Co. et al m foreclosure.
Keybank National Assoc. vs. David A. Gibbs Jr. et al, foreclosure.