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2021 Miller Lite Greatest Golfer Scramble Championship

Is your scramble team the best in the Valley? Then put it up against 23 other teams on Aug. 14 as part of the Miller Lite Greatest Golfer Scramble Championship.

To get into the Miller Lite Greatest Scramble Championship, your team must win a charity scramble elsewhere in the Valley this summer. We partner with 24 charity scrambles and Superior Beverage every summer to create a qualifier series of scrambles that all lead to crowning the Valley’s Greatest Scramble team.

The list below is our 2017 lineup of qualifier scrambles. Find an event that fits your schedule, then step up and qualify. Register for those events via the listed contact person. From there, you will get info on getting into the 2017 Miller Lite Greatest Scramble Championship.

Swing straight, long — and as few times as possible. For more information, email Todd Franko at tfranko@vindy.com.


DateShotgunCostEvent NameCourseEvent Info
05/26/2017 ------- ---- Help Hotline ScrambleKnoll Run Golf Course

(-15) Tony Gallow, Shannon Morrow, Mike Roberts, Steve Richards

05/26/2017 ------- ---- Youngstown Air Reserve Families ScramblePine Lakes Golf Course

Vern Worona, Jeff Worona, Myron Worona, Bud Perkins


05/28/2017 ------- ---- Alzheimer's Charity Golf OutingPine Lakes Golf Course

(-16) Jeff Williamson, Andrew Williamson, Joe DeFalco, Phil Latsko

06/10/2017 ------- ---- Take a Swing for Autism ScramblePleasant View Golf Course

Mario Carreon mariocarreon22@yahoo.com 330-831-2071

06/17/2017 ------- ---- Ursuline High School Golf ScrambleMahoning Country Club

(-16) Carl Ross, Carl Ross, Terry Stamp, Steve Milano


06/24/2017 ------- ---- Breathe for Mandy ScrambleWalnut Run Golf Course

(-18) Kevin Preece, Chris Griggs, Matt Griggs, Jim Colello

07/15/2017 ------- ---- Poland Touchdown Club OutingKnoll Run Golf Course

(-18) Jake Jeswald, Art Duran Jr., Jason McQuown, George Chammas

07/22/2017 ------- ---- Perry Masonic Lodge 185 ScrambleSalem Hills Golf and Country Club

(-19) Jim Armeni, Nate Mullen, Jason Ramus, Derek Gordon


07/24/2017 ------- ---- AIA Scholarship ScrambleKnoll Run Golf Course

(-21) David Kilgore, Matt May, Jason Dickey, and Cody MacLean

07/29/2017 ------- ---- Mary Murphy Memorial Shamrock Outing: Ursuline HS ScholarshipKnoll Run Golf Course

Mickey Murphy at mpmirish@sbcglobal.net 330-881-6616.

08/14/2017 ------- ---- 2017 Miller Lite Greatest Golfer Scramble ChampionshipLake Club

More information about price to come. Check back here for updates.


DateCostShotgunEvent NameCourseContact
09/06/2015$808:30M&M Golf ClassicMill CreekQualifiers: John Doughton III, Josh Zarlenga, Steve Mowry and Kevin Rickert
05/06/2016------Friends of Joe Schiavoni Big Brothers, Big Sisters Charity OutingMill CreekQualifiers: Steve Maschak, James Gentile, Scott Krichbaum and Ross Smith
5/21/2016$658:00Take A Swing for AutismPleasant ViewQualifiers: Eric Glista, Bill Wilson, Greg Prasco and Pete Paitis
5/27/2016$658:30Youngstown Air ReservePine Lakes GCQualifiers: Vern Worona, Myron Worona, Bud Pekins and Paul Bobbie
05/27/2016$759:00Help Hotline ScrambleKnoll RunQualifiers: Jill Harmon, Scott Harmon, Diane McCall and Larry McCall
05/29/2016$758:30Alzheimers Network Golf OutingPine Lakes GCQualifiers: Jeff Williamson, Jeff Campbell, Joe DeFalco and African Grant
06/04/2016$758:00Hermitage FOP ScrambleTam O'ShanterQualifiers: James Reardon, Tim Dye, Jason McDowell and Zack Manski
06/04/2016$751:30Neighborhood Ministries Golf OutingBedford TrailsQualifiers: Josh Dankovich, Jeff Pilcher, Tyler Rach and David Rach
06/04/2016$758:30International Hispanic Golf ClassicMahoning CCQualifiers: Bill Ballack, Terry Tomko, Matt Ballack and Carlos Ramirez
06/04/2016$3012:30Leetonia Sons of America Post 131, 9 holeValley Golf ClubQualifiers: Bryan Brownfield, Kyle Hiscox, Dave Kilgore and Matt May
06/05/2016$1001:30Boardman Community Baseball Golf OutingMill CreekQualifiers: Gary Knittle, Chris Kalzmerck, Ed Delsky and Scott Galayde
06/06/2016$10011:00Keystone Blind AssociationTam O'ShanterQualifiers: Kevin Willis, Gregg Strollo, Tim Dye, Ed Reese and Brian Horne
06/09/2016$809:00Struthers Wildcat ScrambleKnoll RunQualifiers: Rick Norman, Pat Watt, Scott Norman and Monte Morris
06/18/2016$659:00Cortland Relay For Life Memorial Golf OutingOld AvalonQualifiers: Matt Everly, Mike Everly, Ken Flanigan and Lee Padula
06/20/2016$25011:00United Way Golf OutingThe Lake ClubQualifiers: Dennis Kunce, Tom Klim, Steve Sofocleous and Dennis Mikkelson
06/24/2016$809:00Applewood Swim ClubFirestone FarmsQualifiers: Scott Cook, Andy Barnett, Mark Kleis and Jamie Regan
06/25/2016$758:00Falcon Boys and Girls Golf OutingDeer Creek GCQualifiers: Louis Cardona, Aris Kantaras, Steve Logston and Will Logston
07/09/20168:00$75YMCA Golf OutingKnoll RunQualifiers: Mike Roberts, Nick Flaviano, Tony Gallo, Adam Mishimura
7/16/2016$757:30Austintown Elementary PTA ScrambleBedford TrailsQualifiers: Frank Davidson (Captain), Bill Fleming, Dave Markota and Mark Markota
07/16/2016$1008:00Poland Touchdown Club OutingKnoll RunQualifiers: Brian Banfield, Dr. Mike Black, Frank Sferra and Nick Cochran
07/20/2016$8012:00Cortland Rotary Golf ClassicTamer WinQualifiers: Nick Braydich, Brian Velasquez, Brendan Glosser and Avery Andric
08/05/2016$30012:00Clubs For Kids - Akron Children'sYoungstown CCQualifiers: Matt Prologo, Joe Valentini, James Lessick and Frank Tuscano
08/13/2016$708:00AZZ Memorial Golf OutingKnoll RunMike Zoccali 330-502-9686
08/13/2016$709:00Chuck Housteau Memorial OutingRolling HillsMike Roberts mrbiggmikee@zoominternet.net 330-360-8140
08/15/2016------Millier Lite Greatest Scramble ChampionshipThe Lake ClubWinners: Nick Braydich, Brian Velasquez, Brendan Glosser and Nolan Snyder


DateCostShotgunEvent NameCourseContact
8/31/2014------M&M Golf ClassicMill CreekQualifiers: Andy Zabel, Jason Dingman, Jason Quinlan and Kevin Dougherty
5/16/2015$658:00Take A Swing for AutismPleasant ViewQualifiers: Nate Glista, Todd Basley, Buddy Grimm, and Mike Skeels
5/29/2015$759:00Help Hotline ScrambleKnoll RunQualifiers: Dave Howard, Josh Toot, Kevin Dougherty and Mario Abbattista
5/29/2015$658:30Youngstown Air ReservePine Lakes GCQualifiers: Mike Gassman, Ryan Wisnoskie, John Moliterno and Jeff Kay
5/30/2015$758:00Hermitage FOP ScrambleTam O'ShanterQualifiers: Tim Dye, Tim Morrow, James Reardon, Matt Gurska
6/1/2015$1751:00NOAS “Play It For the Kids” Golf OutingTrumbull CCQualifiers: Dennis Gibson, Tom Vonphilp, Steve Mowry and Vern Parker
6/1/2015$10011:00Keystone Blind AssociationTam O'ShanterQualifiers: Mark Ferrara, John Doughton III, John Doughton Jr. and Greg Powell
6/6/2015$301:00Leetonia Sons of America Post 131, 9-holeValley Golf ClubQualifiers: Bob Perry, Tony Perry, Derek Smith and Joey Cilone
6/7/2015$3011:00Donnell Ford Relay for Life Fund RaiserValley Golf ClubQualifiers: Jim Houp, Jeff Smith, Kirby Zellers and Bobby Houp
6/11/2015$808:00Struthers Wildcat ScrambleKnoll RunQualifiers: Larry Tusinac, Brian Banfield, Ken Mills and Craig Bianco
6/26/2015$10010:30Gateways Better Living ScrambleMill CreekQualifiers: Robert Vukovich, Sr., Robb Vukovich, Joel Smith, Scott Harrison
6/29/2015$1052:00Boardman BoostersTippecanoe CCQualifiers: Dan Shurilla, Frank Santisi, Joey Santisi, Joe Vitullo
7/03/2015------Till OpenDeer Creek GCQualifiers: Frank Davidson, Bill "Rusty" Fleming, Dave Markota, Mark Markota
7/11/2015------Fitch Falcons Golf OutingDeer Creek GCQualifiers: Patrick Francis, Mike Kelley, Jim Kinney, Dave Sabitino
7/12/2015------Mahoning Valley Ovarian Cancer Awareness Foundation Walnut Run Golf CourseQualifiers: Rob Davies, Don Fleck, Russ Shuttleworth, Brian Haynam
7/13/2015$50011:30D&E Center Circle of Friends Celebrity ClassicThe Lake ClubGreg Cvetkovic gregc@DandEcenter.com 330-793-2487
7/18/2015$658:00Cortland Relay For Life Memorial Golf OutingWalnut RunQualifiers: Ron Bokan, Andy Matejeck, Ryan Young, Buddy Andes
7/18/2015$1008:00Poland Touchdown ClubKnoll RunKevin Hawkins khawk6600@hotmail.com 330-787-7090
7/20/2015$1001:00AIA Golf ScrambleSquaw Creek CCQualifiers: Josh Zarlenga, Brian Horne, Jason Zarlenga, Gregg Strollo
7/22/2015$8012:00Cortland Rotary Golf ClassicTamer WinQualifiers: Ed Antonello, Dave Maloy, Brian Wilson, Jerry Carleton
7/25/2015$757:30Austintown Elementary PTA ScrambleBedford TrailsQualifiers: David Rach, Tyler Rach, Michael Thorpe, Josh Dankovich
7/25/2015$658:30Make A Wish / Irish Bob's PubDeer CreekQualifiers: John VanOudenhove, Eddie Janczewski, Wade Renner, Jim Visingardi
8/1/2015$759:30Lisbon Round Down Golf OutingSalem HillsQualifiers: Nick Falviano, Mike Roberts, Adam DiSibio, Jim Pluchinsky
8/7/2015$30011:00Clubs For Kids - Akron Children'sYoungstown CCQualifiers: Ken Bochenek, Jason McDowell, Rick Kinkela, Ralph Lintrena
8/17/2015$1301:00Greatest Scramble ChampionshipThe Lake ClubChampions: Tim Dye, Tim Morrow, Matt Gurska and Blase Cindric


DateCostShotgunEvent NameCourseDetails
5/17/14$808:00 a.m. & 1:30 p.m.Rolfe Golf Scramble for Relay for LifeTamer WinQUALIFIERS: Mark Jordan, Robert Franks, Jim Franks and David Castilla
5/17/14$658:00 a.m.Take Swing for AutismPleasant ViewQUALIFIERS: Eric Glista, Bill Wilson, Andy Cameron, and Pete Pattis
5/17/14$758:30 a.m.Hubbard Touchdown ClubPine Lakes QUALIFIERS: Brian Adamson, Gary Goodrick, Joe Dudai and Rick Fox
5/23/14$1258:00 a.m.Teddy Bear ClassicSalem Golf ClubQUALIFIERS: Tim Page, Jarod Page, Bill Blank, and Frank Palmer
5/24/14$60 8:30 a.m.Canfield High School Hockey ClubDiamondbackQUALIFIERS: Joe Santisi, Jarrett Vrabel, Brian Austalosh, and Justin Vrabel
5/30/14$759:00 a.m.Help Hotline/Mahoning County Health BoardKnoll RunQUALIFIERS: Tom Korner, Toni Notaro, Jill Harmon, and Dennis Holisky
6/02/14$1101 p.m.Silver Lining Charity FoundationTippecanoe CCQUALIFIERS: Travis Beiling, Ted Mansfield, Mike Roberts, and Adam Disibio
6/06/14$12510 a.m.Compass Family and Community ServicesYoungstown CCQUALIFIERS: Stanley Magielski, Ken Walls, Josh Zarlenga, and Vince Pecchia
6/23/14$16011:30 a.m.Eastern Ohio Institute of ArchitectsTippecanoe CCQUALIFIERS: Christine Ulrich, Dr. Robert Collins, Dr. Tim Novicky, Mike Fagan
6/23/14$1651 p.m.Boy Scout Link's Golf ClassicTrumbull CCQUALIFIERS: John Taylor, Sally Taylor, Brendan Keating, Guy Coviello
6/27/14$10010:30 a.m.Gateways Better Living ScrambleMill CreekQUALIFIERS: Larry Stefanov, Kurt Stefanov, Rob Martin, Rocci Ravella
6/27/14$7512 p.m.YPD Memorial Golf OutingPine LakesQUALIFIERS: Andy Kalman, Pat Kelly, Sammy Gianfrancisco, Dan Miller
6/30/14$7511 a.m.Youngstown Shriner Club's Arnold Collins MemorialSalem Hills QUALIFIERS: Bryan J. Horne, Zack Mansky, Chad Hanysh, Gary Woods
6/30/14$1251 p.m.HandsOn Volunteer Network of the ValleySquaw Creek QUALIFIERS: Sam Eddy, Dan Rhoads, Tim Morrow, Judd Possage
7/05/14$658 a.m.Till Open / Canfield High ActivitiesDiamond BackQUALIFIERS: Terri Smearmen, Jay Tomko, Terry Tomko, Bill Ballack
7/12/14$609 a.m.OCCHA Chi Chi Rodriguez Golf ScrambleBedford TrailsQUALIFIERS: Diane Martino, Deb Dougherty, Beth Kobly, Nereida Lopez
7/18/14$659 a.m.The First Tee of Mahoning ValleyCandywood QUALIFIERS: Scott Hoff, Jay Moore, Bob Hoff, Al Melia
7/19/14$658 a.m.Cortland Relay For Life Memorial Golf OutingWalnut RunQUALIFIERS: Chris Jones, Russ Shuttleworth, Thomas Durham, Don Fleck
7/19/14$1008 a.m.Poland Touchdown ClubKnoll Run INFO: Kevin Hawkins, khawk6600@hotmail.com 330-787-7090
7/23/14$8012 p.m.Cortland Rotary Golf ClassicTamer Win QUALIFIERS: Jerry Carleton, Dave Maloy, Brian Wilson, Ed Antonelli
7/26/14$658:30 a.m.Make A Wish / Irish Bob's PubDeer Creek INFO: Julie Janczewski, juliejanczewski@gmail.com 330-788-0011
7/28/14$1258:30 a.m. & 2 p.m.Terlesky eventTippecanoe CCINFO: Bob Ferraro ferraror@stifel.com 330-518-0706
8/1/14$30011 a.m.Clubs For Kids - Akron Children'sYoungstown CCINFO: Joann Stock, jstock@chmca.org 330-746-9122
8/02/14$701 p.m.Canfield Wrestling Booster ClubMill Creek INFO: Brian Frost, bfrost@glipoolproducts.com 330-727-9151
8/18/14$1251 p.m.Jason Kokrak Greatest Scramble ChallengeThe Lake ClubWINNERS: Andy Zabel, Jason Dingman, Jason Quinlan & Kevin Dougherty» Read the story


DateSignupShotgunEvent NameCourseDetails
05/11/2013----Rolfe Golf scrambleTamer Win Golf & Country ClubQUALIFIERS: Jim Wellington, John Lacy, Rocky Page, John Smith
05/13/2013----Silver Lining Charity Foundation golf scrambleTippecanoe Country ClubQUALIFIERS: Mike Playkosh, Bob Simmerlink, Bill Culp, Brian Smaldino
05/17/2013----Teddy Bear ClassicSalem Golf ClubQUALIFIERS: Tad Rose, Jim Sanor, Mark Pezzano, and Ewing Buta
05/31/20138:00 a.m.9:00 a.m.4th Annual Help Hotline Crisis Center ScrambleKnoll Run Golf CourseQUALIFIERS: Larry McCall, Jill Harmon, Toni Notaro, Tom Korner
06/01/2013--8:30 a.m.Hermitage FOP ScrambleTam O’Shanter of PennsylvaniaQUALIFIERS: Lou Pomerico, Rich Kinkela, Bill Tanner, Devon Heasley
06/02/2013--10:00 a.m.15th Annual Donnell Ford Golf OutingValley Golf ClubQUALIFIERS: Jim Houp, B.J. Houp, Dave Liston, and Rich Summers
06/03/2013--11:00 a.m.Keystone Blind Association 5-man ScrambleTam O’Shanter of PennsylvaniaQUALIFIERS: Mark Ferrara, John Doughton III, John Doughton Jr., Greg Powell
06/03/201310:30 a.m.1:00 p.m.20th annual Play It For The Kids Golf OutingTrumbull Country ClubQUALIFIERS: Fred Janowski, Jim Keating, Bob Stevens, Bob Antenucci
06/07/201311:00 a.m.NoonCanfield Community Care Net 12th annual Paul Baringer Golf ClassicMill Creek Golf CourseQUALIFIERS: Rich McGowan, David Bennet, Fred Fisher, Jack Cram
06/17/20131:00 p.m.2:00 p.m.30th annual Boardman Booster Golf OutingTippecanoe Country ClubQUALIFIERS: Frank Santisi, Joey Santisi, Dan Shurilla, Joe Vitullo
06/21/201310:00 a.m.Noon24th annual South Range Raider Classic scrambleDiamond BackQUALIFIERS: Michael Thorpe, Brandon Pluchinsky, Payton Snyder, Jake Fait
06/21/20138:00 a.m.9:00 a.m.Mahoning County Juvenile Court Community Advisory Board Golf ClassicKennsington Golf ClubQUALIFIERS: Ross Smith, Marshall Buck, Judge Krichbaum and Steve Maszcak
06/21/20139:00 a.m.10:00a.m.7th annual Compass Family & Community Services Golf OutingYoungstown Country ClubQUALIFIERS: Ron Swertfager, Doug Thomas, Nick Cochran, Paul Barnes
06/23/20137:00 a.m.8:00 a.m.9th annual 9-11 Memorial Golf OutingLakeside Golf CourseQUALIFIERS: Scott Hoff, Bob Hoff, Al Melia, Terry Cresanto.
06/24/2013----Eastern Ohio Institute of Architects scrambleTippecanoe Country ClubQUALIFIERS: Scott Seiple, Brian Carnie, Derek Knepper, Mark Tomko
06/24/201311:00 a.m.1:00 p.m.HandsOn Volunteer Network of the Valley Golf ScrambleAvalon Golf & Country Club-Squaw CreekQUALIFIERS: Tom Michaels, Ken Learman, Jeff Williamson, John Luklan
06/24/20138:15 a.m.9:15 a.m.8th annual Arc of Ohio, Northeast Branch Par 4 the Developmentally DisabledKnoll Run Golf CourseQUALIFIERS: Craig Weaver, Jay Gresh, Jim Ferranti, Mike McMahon
06/24/201311:30 a.m.1:00 p.m.Boy Scout Link’s Golf ClassicTrumbull Country ClubQUALIFIERS: Brian Haynam, Adam Kane, Jon Carmichael, Scott Anderson
06/24/2013--12:30 p.m.The Youngstown Shrine Club’s Arnold Collins Memorial Golf Classic Salem Hills Golf CourseQUALIFIERS: Bryan Horne, Zack Mansky, Chad Hanysh, Tim Morrow.
07/05/20138:00 a.m.9:00 a.m.2nd annual Till OpenDiamond BackQUALIFIERS: Steve Svetlak, Brad and Katie McDevitt, Tim Russo.
07/08/201310:00 a.m.11:30 a.m.28th annual Children’s Mental Health Circle of Friends Foundation Golf ClassicThe Lake ClubQUALIFIERS: Jonah Karzmer, Justin Karzmer, Alex Zoldan, Scott Porter.
07/13/2013----OCCHA 29th Annual Chi Chi Rodriguez Golf ScrambleBedford TrailsQUALIFIERS: Rita Lopez, Judge Elizabeth Kobly, Diane Martino, Deb Dougherty.
07/13/2013----2nd Annual Carmen J. McGarry Memorial Golf OutingTanglewood Golf CourseQUALIFIERS: Zachary and Mark Fortunato, Art Duran and Joseph Petrolla.
07/14/2013--8:00 a.m.9th annual Chubby DiGiacomo Memorial Golf OutingBedford TrailsQUALIFIERS: Matt and Mike McClure, John Wolfe and Jim Reardon.
07/17/201312:00 p.m.1:30 p.m.Poland Touchdown Club annual golf outingThe Lake ClubQUALIFIERS: Ken Bochenek, Brian Zachetti, Joe Talega, Jason McDowell.
07/20/20137:15 a.m.8:00 a.m.2013 Cortland Relay for Life Memorial Golf OutingWalnut Run Golf CourseQUALIFIERS: Ray Lee, Josh Hettrick, Bob Sipel, Brian Panigal.
07/24/201311:00 a.m.Noon2013 Cortland Rotary Golf ClassicTamer Win Golf & Country ClubQUALIFIERS: Bob Easton, Bob Easton Sr., Dave Penwell, Gary Goodrick.
08/02/201311:00 a.m.Noon3rd annual Clubs for Kids Golf ClassicYoungstown Country ClubQUALIFIERS: Mike Mills, Bob Thomas, Rick Cook, Jack McCormick.
08/03/2013----Canfield Wrestling Booster Club ScrambleMill Creek Golf CourseQUALIFIERS: Joe DiDomenico, Jim Perry, Dominic Carano and Jeff Wilkins.
08/10/2013--8:00 a.m.Lakeview Little Bulldogs Outing Walnut RunQUALIFIERS: Thom Peters, Frank Newton, Nick Vanoverbeke, Nate Schick.
08/19/2013Noon1:00 p.m.Miller 64 Greatest Scramble Challenge hosted by Jason KokrakThe Lake ClubMark Ferrara, John Doughton Jr., John Doughton III and Greg Powell took first place in gross score, shooting a 13-under 57 Toni Notaro, Tom Korner, Larry McCall and Jill Harmon won the event with their cumulative handicap applied.